Blackmire Marches

A Black Day in Blackmire

A Sealed Letter Back East,

At the request of the Arch Revant Herar of The Dark Horse I returned once more to the graveyard just outside Blackmire. Convincing though begrudgingly enough the Man at Arms who accompanied me last time to come once more for double the momentary reward. While also being joined by a new face within the region a druid of some likes who proved useful enough.

The trip to the graveyard was as easy as the last outing, with Blackmire still within sight as the hedge maze escalated ever higher upon approach. The maze having obviously shifted we entered cautiously and proceeded with little concern for most of the desecrated location. Slaying skeleton soldier after skeleton soldier before coming upon a creature of most regrettable encounter. A large skeletal Troll to which proved the might of whatever black magics reside in that labyrinth, as it made quick work of Hurmore the aforementioned man at arms. In bloody retreat we headed for the exit as the Troll lumbered behind us in its pursuit. Turning I saw Hurmore his wounds still bleeding profusely making his last few staggered steps before the creature bellow a hideous roar as it decapitated the slow warrior.

In debate we stayed outside the maze for the night as I seeked council for our next move. A popular face within the local pub I attempted to recover his body, though not without thought to future ambitions that this action could also likely accomplish. However we found the maze to have shifted yet again… With no sight of the corpse or Troll from the previous day we headed back to Blackmire.

This will not be my last venture within the labyrinth so know that I will continue to pursue information for what propagates the magics within the hedge. Though until then you may rest easy that your servant of The Dark Horse continues to heed your call.

Sincerely, Avi Ises Nai



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