Blackmire Marches

A Castle, Some Highlanders, & a Horde of Goblins

A complete letter found among Ba’zous collection of assorted and torn adventure logs.

The day was a sunny one in Blackmire as we headed into the Highlands once more. The horses moving swiftly through both the moor and the outer wall as we approached the McLeod settlement. While not warmly engaged the McLeod’s tolerated us long enough to provide the necessary reinforcements before we were off once more. With the shadow of the towering castle coming into view I still marvel at the wall that drifts off and over the hills to the west and east.

Debating momentarily we headed west and around to enter the castle from a different angle then through the intimidating front gate. Soon finding a small opening to which we made good use infiltrating the darkened and crumbling fortress. I went first followed closely by Quintus to hear the sounds of Hyena’s to the North. Not one to wait I engaged them immediately dealing significant damage as Isidren lay down a grease spell. Stupid mutts, I still find myself chuckling to that statement in memory of the rabid beasts falling all over themselves. With the North occupied I heard the others proceed deeper into the abyss though I had my own situation to deal with.

And so the last Hyena fell as a large Bugbear came out of whatever hole he had been in to engage me. His whip was fast and I soon found myself on the ground and at the mercy of his shortsword. Standing I managed to fend his assaults of long enough to sever an artery and lay him down with his hounds. Turning I headed toward the sounds of more fighting to see some goblins entrapped in a web by Levin. Shouting I told him to ignite the magical strands as the goblins scream in agony before I set Eno and Owt to them. Though this victory itself was even shorter enjoyed as more goblins streamed into the hall as I head to aid the others calling my faithful dogs to my side… And here is where I will never doubt the power of such potent magics again…..

The halls full of goblins, their wicked weapons of crude design encrusted in rust as they banter on and off with their high pitched speak. I turned to see Levins flank filling with even more of the wretched beasts. Where were the others I found myself thinking before a voice filled the stonehewn corridor with my attention on the wizard behind me. His whispers that of this voice, a god to the goblins it sounded like as I soon found myself not understanding a word of it. Though miraculously enough the goblins quaked with fear. Their pupils narrowing and their weapons trembling they turned as I stepped up to cut down the last goblin in front of me and ran. Hahaha, the arcane is truly an interesting topic though I may have to inquire with one a bit less crafty then Levin. One never knows if what he says be earnest enough… Or atleast thats what Isidren seems to believe..



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