Blackmire Marches

Amongst the Graves

Seeking wisdom among the undead

Shinzo’s Letter to Master,

Having spent the last two months meditating and pondering the dichotomy of space and time, I was convinced by my peers at the Winning Wager to travel to a nearby haunted graveyard known to be infested with undead creatures. I am still striving to understand the place of undead in the world of the living and wanted to examine these abominations closely. Heading out with a veteran warrior and wizard, along with a greenhorn man-at-arms named Cedric we invaded the graveyard and were promptly surrounded by skeletal minions bursting from the earth.

Cedric was almost immediately incapacitated, a state he would find himself in frequently during our exploration. I was very impressed with the arcane powers displayed by Isidren and the savage fighting style of Bazou. Master, you would be proud to have seen how well I have learned your teachings. I maintained rigorous discipline and dispatched several skeletons with fists and sling.

Our next challenge was by far the most daunting of my wanderings. What must have in life been a troll or giant, but now was an enormous animated skeleton attacked our party. Again Cedric was immediately incapacitated and Bazou nearly fell too. Isedren’s magic, my well-placed sling bullets, and Bazou’s martial abilities saved the day.

A short time later we stumbled into foul creatures called ‘ghouls’ which the veterans said could paralyze you with a bite. Other than a foul stench, I found their bones and limbs to break as easily as humans.

Master, I admit I still do not understand how the undead fit into our world. They exist only to kill and serve no natural purpose that I can discern. Could it be that by destroying these unnatural creatures I am bring balance back to the world? I eagerly await your thoughts in this matter.

Your Faithful Student,



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