Blackmire Marches

Assaulting the Hobgoblin Fort

Abdullah’s Journal:

General Calvinus offered us a reward if we could assault and destroy an opposition hobgoblin fort to the north on the edge of the Rattlin’ Bog. Since this fortification was close enough to our mine to cause discomfort, we readily agreed. Our troops moved forward with an onager attacking from the south while we flanked from the east. When the fort and our troops started exchanging seige-engine fire, we attacked.

I quaffed a potion of speed and charged at a rapid pace, leaping the low wall with a running leap and continued into the interior. I took cover inside what must have been an ogre’s tent based on the smell and filth. A few lizardmen attempted to attack me, but I was able to easily dance around their fumbling attacks. The rest of the party was far behind me at this point, but I knew faithful Khalid would be there as soon as possible.

A bolt of lightning came down from the sky and struck a nearby lizardman, frying him to a cinder. I engaged the closest lizardman and Khalid came leaping over the wall to my aid. I assumed our little short-legged companions were still making their way towards the fort. We were quickly surrounded, but felt confident we could overcome this scum.

From just over the wall I could hear the sound of Weylyn’s leopard snarling, and the stench of searing energy permeated the air. Another bolt of lightning struck down a lizardman and then Weylyn and his leopard leaped over the wall. Khalid and I dropped multiple foes while providing cover to each other, always taunting the enemy. I was beginning to get worried about Bila and Keller as I had not seen nor heard them…

A decanus attacked me, but Weylyn blasted him with another bolt of lightning, though the hobgoblin was only injured. Bila then hopped over the wall and healed Khalid who had taken many injuries. The battle turned into a bloodbath and Khalid & I killed foes left and right. Suddenly, Keller appeared out of thin air and fired two rapid shots that dropped the a decanus who had fled like a little girl.

The damned hobgoblins had been firing a scorpion at us the whole time, so I raced down towards their watch tower to dispose of them. The engineers saw me coming and tried to leap onto the outer wall, with one of them falling to the ground and breaking his leg.

The hobgoblins fled with a chest so I chased them down and attempted a flying tackle that almost succeeded.


Keller’s Journal, Jan 21st

I heard some powerful adventurers talking about destroying a fort to recieve a bounty. I had previously helped on an adventure that captured some hobgoblins and set up this sweet bounty deal for us. I came to Blackmire for money and adventure so this seemed perfect suited. We needed to destory a fort that some hobgoblins were using.

The plan went off perfectly, we attacked from the south with a bunch of legionaires. They came out of the fort with an ogre and some equites. The Ogre fell before he even reached the line of soldiers. The soldiers started marching north on the fort as we attacked from the west. The larger ones left me behind very quickly. I kept running as fast as possible, but in the furture for large open battles I need to buy a horse.

Once in range of the fort I attempted to attack a hobgoblin soldier that was controlling some goblins, He must have been very agile because out of 4 arrows, I only hit him once. Bila gave me a potion of invisibility so that I could sneak into the fort. I became invisible which spooked some of the goblin line, but I slipped into the fort unmolested. WOW, I couldn’t believe the destruction that Weylen, Abdullah, and Khalid had caused. There were dead lizardmen and hobgoblins everywhere. It appears that I made it to the fort at the end of the battle.

I saw a fleeing Decanus when I got into the fort and I immediately shot him with two arrows in the back, I moved to the center of the fort where I saw two hobgoblins trying to flee with a chest of treasure. I fired two more arrows at one of the chest carries and he fell dropping the chest. The other carrier, unable to lift the chest alone, fled with the rest of the hobgoblin army. I wasn’t too useful, mostly because I was slow…but I did make a clutch shot that saved the treasure.

Assaulting the Hobgoblin Fort

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