Blackmire Marches

Beyond the Tomb

Dearest Mother and Father,

I returned to the tomb of Marcus Metellus, along with Tresa, Keller and Osric. We brought Mehmet and Hurmore with us too. We made it back to the tomb, and headed back to where we last left off. Instead of heading into the corridor where we saw the giant oozing blob we headed down the other passage. We hadn’t traveled very far when Hurmore walked right into it. I quickly cast a Scorching Ray at the thing, but it came right at us and Mehmet and I were absorbed by it. It was a very eerie feeling to be consumed by a giant gelatinous cube. All I could do was watch as my friends tried desperately to kill this thing.

Finally Keller managed to pierce the creature and collapsed like a stuck bladder. I turned to check on Mehmet, but he was already dead. We gathered the items that the cube left behind, and continued along the passage. We came to a room with a large statue in the corner. Osric and myself examined it, and he noticed that the based looked like it could turn. We decided to turn it clockwise, and it opened up a secret door.

We went through the secret passage and followed it around to where it connected to the room the Troglodytes were living in. There was a side chamber that led into a very large cavern with a dark lake. There was a rickety bridge crossing the lake. Tresa cast Light on a rock, and dropped it into the water to see how deep it was. While she was watching, a large black something oozed out of the lake and grappled onto her. Keller quickly shot an arrow at it, but the most amazing thing happened, he hit it, and it split in twain! I fired a couple of Magic Missiles at it, and they appeared to hurt it.

But then a truly sad event transpired, the ooze latched onto Tresa and dragged her limp body into the lake. We knew we were over matched and fled out of the cave, stopping to pick up poor Mehmet’s body. We made it back to Blackmire and rested. I vow to return with a stronger party and avenge for Tresa.

Your loving son,


Keller’s Journal, Jan. 10th

I set out to lead another adventure tonight. I’m making a name for myself around Blackmire as an able guide and more parties seem willing to have me along.

We set out for the tomb I discovered there about a month ago, a party of adventurers had visited once since and ran into a troglodyte encampment, but were repulsed by a giant ooze. We decided to go kill the ooze. Upon entering the tomb it was clear nothing had been there since the last party, the troglodytes and giant lizards were laying on the floor rotting. We set our down some passages and as we turned a corner we ran into a giant wall of ooze. Hurmore didn’t see it and walked right into it and was instantly suspended inside, we all instinctively attacked not doing enough damage to kill the ooze and it attempted to engulf the rest of us. Most of us were agile enough to jump out of the way but poor mehmet failed and was killed instantly by the ooze’s acid. I should mention that I am less then satisfied with the performance of our torch bearer and I’ll have to ask the League for some compensation for hiring such an inept bearer. We did at least, out of respective, return his body. We quickly dispatched the ooze and picked up the weapons and armor it had gathered from another poor adventurer.

We continued on to a room with a bridge crossing a body of water. Tresa decided to toss a rock with light cast on it to test the depths of the water. The rock didn’t make so much of a splash and more of a “ploop”. We knew then that what was down there might not be just water. Suddenly a giant black pudding emerged from the water, hit tresa with a powerful blow which dissolved her armor and weapons! She also was immediately grappled by this monstrosity. Fearing for my life, I retreated and let an arrow fly. I hit the Pudding easily but it split into two! This was not going to be good. The rest of the party followed my lead and retreated as poor Tresa was dragged into the water and drown. We quickly exited the tomb and returned to Blackmire.

We had Tarmon identify two magical items we found,
10x Arrows +1
Great Helm; -5 Perception, +1 deflection bonus, +2 Will saves
and also some well built items:
MW Longsword (M)
MW Heavy Steel Shield
MW Suit of Chainmail
I Spent 61gp on identify and Alfonsus spent 11gp

We set out again to check out the monastery and ran into a small goblin ambush, we easily dispatched them and found 4 vials of Antitoxin and 7.5gp

I will spend the next week thinking about ways to dispatch this Black Pudding…too bad there isn’t a powerful Wizard in town that we could hire to “Wish” that Black Pudding into Tapioca.

Beyond the Tomb

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