Blackmire Marches

Coppice Lakes Verundian Outpost

This was my first time back out in the field since expanding my druidical abilities. Several of my companions had been to this Verundian fort before and were anxious to finish the job. This was also the first time I brought my mule Sal on an adventure with me. People said I was crazy for training a mule as more than a laborer, but I think I proved Sal’s merit.

It took several hours of hard walking to reach the fort. We approached through heavy undergrowth from the north. I gather there was a larger entrance on the other side, but I trusted my companions since they’d been here before. Forcing our way through the locked door, I quickly find myself in darkness. I don’t know whether it was like this the first time, if so one would have thought that my companions would have had some torches ready. Betime we finally were able to see, I’d say the Gnolls knew we were there and ready for us. Since I heard they had hyenas with them I tried to convince them to sit out the fight. I told the hyenas if they’d just sit this fight out I would make sure that I would see them well cared for after this fight.

The battle was intense, especially since the hyenas declined my offer. It also didn’t help matters that our muscle rushed ahead strung out the party. Myself, Bernardo, Amras, and my two animals companions were left to occupy the Gnoll forces in the main chamber. Bronson fall to the continued assault of the Gnoll’s leader and a hyena while Bazou dealt with the Gnolls caught in Baernardo’s trap. Poor Meeghan took fell twice, requiring my healing to bring him back up. Wolf falls. Two heals on bazou, one off scroll. Both Bernardo and myself were out of spells and having to rely on stored energies when the Gnolls finally broke and ran. Given what I’ve heard about Gnolls, I’m surprised they didn’t run sooner, but I guess seeing Bronson on the ground and the pitiful state of my pets gave them couraqe.

Catching our breath we made a survey of the complex. It was mostly in ruins, but we did find a single basement room. Obviously filled with wicked looking rats, no one was brave enough to climb down. Channeling my druidical might I was able to drive them into a corner while a quick search was made and book-ssized leather case recovered.


It has been a long time since I have been out on an adventure, but my bills are racking up, and I am down to my last few gold pieces. So I organized a group of the newer adventurers in town, Bernardo, Ba’zou, Nera, Amras and Bronson. The six of us headed out to the ancient Verundian outpost in the Coppice Lakes. We made it there thanks to the good wilderness skills of Olaf.

We soon found ourselves facing the outpost, and Amras scouted around the building and found 2 Gnolls pounding on the walls, alerting the Gnolls on the inside to our presence. Bronson, Ba’zou and I moved up to the new door, and I quickly unlocked it. But before I could activate a sun rod, Bronson Ba’zou and Nera went running into the dark outpost.

Lucky for them, there weren’t any Gnolls waiting, and I moved in and shined some light on the situation, just as Ba’zou went running back out screaming for Bernardo. Bronson and I started moving into the main room, and just as we spotted a hyena, Ba’zou cam running back in with a shining shield.

The three of us moved around around the corner to clear the first room, then all hell broke loose! Gnolls and hyenas came pouring from every room and began swarming us. Bronson got caught off from Ba’zou and myself, and we were cut off from the rest of the group. Luckily, Bernard slowed them down with some grease, and gave us room to catch our breath.

Meanwhile Nera and her menagerie swept in and secured our flank. But then things got bad, the Gnoll leader came into the room right in front of me, and forced me back. Over the leader’s shoulder, I saw a fierce hyena tear a huge piece out of Bronson, and he went down. Ba’zou and I were fighting for our lives, and couldn’t get to him. I was about to reach for my potion of Expeditious Retreat, and beat a hasty retreat, but then Bernardo stepped up and lit the leader and one of the Gnolls next to him up with acid.

Now things were going our way! Ba’zou started killing Gnolls left and right, and took the leader down. This gave me an opening, and I ran over over and force fed Bronson some of Nera’s good berries. Bronson came back to life, and the remaining Gnolls fled. We found a small basement, and Nera cleared the room of some large rats, and I slipped down and found a well preserved book.

We headed back to Blackmire after a successful adventure.

Coppice Lakes Verundian Outpost

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