Blackmire Marches

Fresh Graves

A letter back East,

I have arrived within Blackmire and found a Man at Arms willing to take me within a local and cursed graveyard known to be a mysterious location to the citizens of this small settlement. His name is Hurmore and appears to be a battle hardened veteran. Along with him he also brings two guard dogs though I never bothered to learn their names.

The trip to the Graveyard was uneventful though not entirely by design as we chose to avoid a large and monstrous spider hiding in wait by a small copice of trees as we traveled. The rest of the short trip proving to be much the same as we wandered into the fog enshrouded maze only to be ambushed by a couple of ghouls. This first encounter proved to be rather short lived as Hurmore dispatched the two creatures swiftly with his rabid hounds before we continued onward.

Our path within the hedged maze becoming confused our next encounter came but a room away as we found a small group of skeletons to dispatch. This while simple enough did cause me to become careless enough to miss a pit trap. Feeling foolish I pulled myself up before we continued ever deeper into the labyrinth. With a sickle like axe being our next challenge as it cut deep into one of Hurmore’s hounds. Better the mutt then myself… Though I digress to continue, from here we had a few more encounters with the true challenge coming at the end as we headed down a simple path only to be ambushed by more hidden and starving ghouls.

These creatures unlike the first caught us off guard as they ripped into Hurmore and his hounds. Backing away I did what I could to call on the Dark Horse to show these creatures their true place but with little avail. Yet again I called upon our deity but I found no answer with the monsters now pulling flesh from one of the dogs as it lay no longer twitching with life. The other doing the same to Hurmore I knew the odds of me returning to the settlement would dwindle quickly if I lost the aid of my escort and so I called one final time for the power to unsettle these weak minded wretches. And… My call was answered as they cowered away in awe, allowing me to tend to the downed Warrior as he dispatch the foolish creatures. Healing the other mutt we then headed from the graveyard back to Blackmire. A close call for my first time within this fringed and wild marsh, though I feel as if it won’t be the last.

Sincerely, Avi Ises Nai



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