Blackmire Marches

Goblin Hunting Practice

Castien was getting a little restless, and organized another jaunt into the Warrens. He was accompanied by the Dwarves Gria and Jameak and the Human archer Versonas. Since the last several attempts on the Warrens came from the mountain lion cave and the Monastery, Castien led the group to the Tin mine.

We arrived without any issue, and entered the Mine. We hooked up some rope to the block left by a previous party, and Gria and Jameak descended first. As soon as they his the ground, they were charged by a scurrying Rust Monster. The creature attacked Gria and dissolved her armor in seconds. A pissed off Gria hacked the beast with her axe, only to see it rust away as it cleaved through its side. The monster than turned and ate Jameak’s armor. By then Versonas had made the trip down and started shooting arrows, and Jameak switched weapons and attacked with his flail. By the time I got to the bottom of the shaft and maneuvered around, Gria smashed it’s head in with her warhammer, which also rusted away.

Meanwhile, two goblins showed up and laughed at us and hurled some javelins. We quickly charged them and they died quickly. We followed around the mine, and ended up in a room occupied by two more goblins, we attacked them, but they fled down another shaft. We quickly searched the room, and collected some coins and a very nice quarterstaff. We could hear some goblins below us, and since I still had my armor, I went down first, and was met by a wall of goblins.

I was able to kill one of them and move over to make room for Jameak. Unfortunately there wasn’t room for Gria, though she tried anyway and landed on poor Jameak knocking them both down. I killed a few more, and Jameak stood up and killed another. They had enough and fled. We quickly followed them and came out in a large cavern defended by a line goblins, with a tougher looking one leading them. Gria got pin-cushioned by javelins, but still charged ahead. I was pretty beat up from the last fight, and used a scroll to heal myself before I joined the fray. It got a little dicey for a while, and Gria went down, but I was able to kill their leader and Jameak dispatched several other goblins and the remainder fled. I healed Gria with my last scroll and we searched the room. We collected some nice artifacts, and decided it was time to head back to Blackmire.


I know most of the stalwart adventures in Blackmire have risen to where they are after truly determining their mettle in the Goblin warrens. I’ve been down there a couple times, but I can’t really say I’ve come to feel that there is nothing to be scared of down there. But to make myself a better fighter, I decided I have to keep facing that fear until the Goblin Warrens hold no more terror for me.
We took a different route in, that seemed unnecessarily difficult. We took turns being lowered by rope. The problem with this is it spread us out. Gria and Jameak had to fend for themselves several minutes while myself and Castien shimmied down. By the time we made it down, they were in dire straits fasting an ugly scurrying monster like a giant cockroach. I could hear there curses as I descended and I already knew that the pair had lost some of their best weapons and armor. I would have been fine going back to re-equip them but they insisted on chasing down the beasts keepers, two goblins.
After those two fell, we stubbornly pushed on despite being short on weapons and defense. Which would have come handy when facing two additional goblins that we doggedly had to chase into a whole platoon of the creatures. Once again, we could have used some forethought and faced them on our terms in narrow tunnels, but Gria led the charge into the open. In the end, we were able to kill enough to demoralize them so they broke. But we could have had the same result in a safer manner. I’m going to have to rethink adventuring with dwarves, they seem intent on getting themselves and everyone else with them killed.

Goblin Hunting Practice

Having had a splendid time disposing of goblins on my last visit to the Gobilin warrens I was glad to join in on another adventure back to the place to purge it of Goblin filth. Our party was led by Castien, the same rogue that led our party last time. We also had Gria, a fellow dwarf and Versonas a human warrior that insists on fighting from afar rather than getting up close where real damage can be done.

We approached the warrens from a different route this time, one that required climbing down a dark hole using a rope. Now, I’m pretty handy with a rope and darkness holds no fear either so this was not an issue. Gria, also being a worthy dwarf, joined me on the initial descent.

Immediately after reaching the bottom a strange and dreadful creature rushed at us. I was unfamiliar with the beast, and it charged Gria first. It did not look very strong, and its attack appeared weak but with a touch Gria’s armor turned to rust and fell to the ground. I was shocked by this, but even worse when Gria struck the beast, her Waraxe fell the same fate as the armor. Now the beast was mildly injured, but still fighting strong and it turned its attention to my armor and I watched as it fell to rust and became useless.

This was quite distressing and I quickly saw that no good would come from attacking the creature with my axes as I would soon be helpless. So, I thought the best course of action was to take a small retreat, dropping my axes and drawing my Javalins and Flail to deal with the beast.
The skirmish with the beast went on for a bit as Castien and Versonas joined us. I managed to land a good hit with a javalin, which disolved, but not before it did its work. Seeing the creature beginning to weaken, I stepped in and took a mighty swing with my flail crushing the beasts skull.

Now the fight was over, and while my armor was gone, I at least had some weapons with which to fight the goblins that were busy laughing at our expense and tossing Javilins our way.

We made quick work of the few remaining goblins and took a look around their living quarters. There we found a wonderfully made quaterstaff. Normally, I would disregard such a weapon as I prefer the power of cold steel, however given the events that just transpired I had a new appreciation for weapons that were not made of steel and could be used to defeat beasts like the one we just faced.

After a quick inspection I determined I could make good use of this weapon and the rest of the party agreed to let me have it. I will be sure to put it to good use.

After this we continued down the warrens for a time. Dispatching a few more goblins before getting to yet another hole to climb down. This time Castien went first, as he still had his armor. He was quickly surrounded by goblins, and I rushed down to join them. As we began to fight Gria attempted to join us by jumping from the ladder at a nearby Goblin, but this did not go well and the result was both her and I were knocked over and at the mercy of the nearby goblins. Fortunately, the goblins made poor use of their advantage and we were able to get back up and finish off the Goblins before any serious damage was done.

We continued on some more and came to a room with a line of Goblins led by what appeared to be one of their heros. We charged their line, while taking some hits from their javalins, but reached them before they could cut us down. While fighting them Gria was hurt badly, but Castien and I managed to kill enough of them, including their leader that they scurried off. We quickly healed Gria and searched the room for treasure.

We found a good amount of coin and other valuables in this room so we were quite pleased as we had some armor and weapons to replace. Given our current state we decided to head back to blackmire to rest and spend some of our new wealth.

Goblin Hunting Practice

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