Blackmire Marches

Goblin Intelligence

Isn't that an Oxymoron??

Journal of Bernardo Gui:

Ba’zou approached me for my wisdom in how to best go about capturing a live Goblin from the Warrens on Howling Moor. I attempted to explain to him the various schools of thought on goblinoid abscondery but he was hard put to comprehend the finer points of my discourse, so I agreed to lead him and his friends on the mission.

We made quick and easy time to the only entrance we have personally identified. I must make a note to find and explore these other entrances at some time.

But I digress, we entered the caves and overcame a small ambuscade of goblins hiding behind a spiked fence. We then entered a main lair area and battled several groups, including a leader of some sort who had magic gloves that now grace my collection of curiosities.

I was concerned that we were near to being overwhelmed and retreated with my manservant to hold a fall back position. My fears proved unfounded as Ba’zou and his infernal hounds went of a spree of destruction, aided by the newcomer with the giant sword. We recovered a chest full of coins as well as finally captured a goblin archer prisoner. The trip back was as swift and uneventful as the outbound journey.


Coen Wolfson personal log:

Thought of the day:
It is not a proper battle if there is no chance of dying.

I arrived here at the frontier three days ago and met a sorcerer named Isidren who commissioned me to join an expedition in his stead. Mission was to sweep the warrens and retrieve information from goblin hostiles for an upcoming raid on a major goblin stronghold down south. Not really my business what the upcoming raid was about, my business is to complete this mission and survive ,goddess willing. Travel to the target location was quick and uneventful. We encountered and killed many goblins before incapacitating and capturing one. After a quick search on the surroundings, we recovered valuables and a pair of magical gloves that went to the wizard after several rounds of coin toss. We took the captured goblin back to Blackmire where Ba’zou and Isidren interogated it about some Googlak person. I left just as the interogation started, its none of my business.

Expedition notes:
- The sorcerer Isidren is too friendly, he must be hiding something or will be hiding something in the future. Keep relations businesslike and profitable but do not trust.
- The Goblin warrens are expansive and can prove good hunting grounds for increasing martial and arcane combat skills, the inhabitants also seem to have a tendency to accumulate valuables which can be looted.
- The warrior Ba’zou is brash but competent, his dogs seem more vicious than the standard animal, be wary and observe.
- The wizard Bernardo has effective spells but will flee from the first sign of bad luck, do not rely on in dire situations ,be wary of magical shenanigans.
- The goblins here are stronger or more organized than what I usually face, this will prove a good challenge.

Goblin Intelligence

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