Blackmire Marches

Gria leads the charge on the Warrens

A newcomer to Blackmire, a dwarf named Gria, organized a raid on the Warrens, and Hurmore and I joined her and another new dwarf named Jameak. We headed out in the morning, and I easily led us to the Mountain Lion cave, and we entered the Warrens, and headed to the temple of Mithras. As we were coming around the cavern, two goblins hurled javelins at us and tried to flee. I was able to chase one of them down and skewered him with my rapier. We followed the other one into the temple antechamber, and were met by several more goblins.

This batch of goblins went down quickly, and Hurmore warned us more goblins were heading into the temple. We all turned around and headed back to Hurmore, although I did here sounds of goblins heading our way from the temple. We all maneuvered to kill the three goblins that came from the other corridor, and just as the last one went down, three goblins came trudging down the hall, carrying a large crate. While we watched, the goblins hurled the crate at us, which splintered upon impact, and hundreds of rats came swarming at us. Luckily Hurmore was prepared, and took two mighty swings scattering most of the rats, but those that remained attacked him and Jameak. I moved around the rats and attacked, killing enough that the rest fled.

Now we turned our attention back on the three goblins, and quickly dispatched them. With all quiet for the time being, we searched the room to the right, and I sprung a trip wire and an arrow shot out of the wall and hit me in the shoulder. Undaunted, we moved on and I opened a chest we found. Yet another trap! I got stabbed by a poisoned needle, and did not feel good afterwards. We collected the treasure and headed back to Blackmire.

We decided to come back out the next day, after Bila graciously healed us, and brought Jarlath with us. This time we made it to the temple without trouble, and checked the other side room. We found another chest, and I opened this one, just to find an angry scorpion. It tried to sting me, but missed. So Gria stepped up and grabbed the thing and held it out so I could pierce it with my rapier.

Next the double checked the other room, it was clear, and headed into the temple proper. There were a large number of goblins here. As they moved our way, we were able to kill several with our bows before they closed with us. It was a very brutal, but quick battle, and only two of the goblins managed to escape their fate. We quickly searched the temple, and found a valuable statue and some potions. We took our loot and headed back to Blackmire.


Jarlath’s Journal Jan 27th

A bunch of battered up dwarves and an elf returned from an expedition into the Warrens and, upon seeing me eyeing their condition, asked if I would like to join them on their return trip the following day.

I set out with them and entered the Warrens, upon entering, I saw the destruction they had left in their wake the day before. We entered a room to the left and saw a chest, we decided to open it and a scorpion jumped out of the chest and tried to sting Castien! Gria ran up and grabbed it by the tail and held it in her hand and Castien ran his rapier down the gullet and skewered it like a kabob.

We headed north into a large room where goblins were worshipping something, they saw us coming and attacked quickly. There was a short wall and we moved to one side to clear the Goblins taking cover there. I fired my crossbow and stopped to reload it, next thing I know, everyone with me has swung back around to the other side leaving me alone facing 3 goblins. I had to do what any powerful sorcerer would….RETREAT! My supreme powers would be no good if I was dead.

The rest of the party quickly slaughtered their share of the goblins, I slew a few with my crossbow and the rest retreated. We decided to gather the loot, we found a small statue that they were worshipping and knew it would be worth a lot of money and looted their bodies and went back to Blackmire.

Hopefully those little dwarves didn’t see me retreat in there, and if they did hopefully they keep it to themselves. I would hate to have a rogue Magic Missle “accidently” be their end.


Jameak’s journal

Two weeks ago I followed another dwarf into an underground goblin lair with the intent of exterminating as much of the vermin as possible and gathering whatever treasure was to be found.

Our trip to the lair was uneventful as we had a good guide that goes by the name of Castien. Shortly after entering the tunnels a pair of javilins came flying at us. They didn’t cause much hurt but the goblins were quick and only Castien was able to catch up to them and take one down.

We continued chasing the remaining goblin and I ran ahead into a large room which turned out to be home to several goblins. I charged in and landed a good hit or two, but the goblins took atvantage of my charge and landed a few blows on me as well. Once the rest of the party arrived we dispatched the rest of the goblins in the room.

About this time we heard some noises coming up behind us. Sure enough, there were goblins coming up behind us! We turned around and went back to deal with them. While we were finishing off these goblins 3 more goblins approached from the other side carrying a heavy looking crate. They threw the crate at us and out poured a swarm of rats! The rats attacked several of us, and made me feel quite sick, but we were eventually able to disperse them and the rest of the goblins. We then searched around for treasure. After stumbling through some traps we managed to secure a nice amount of silver before heading back to town for healing and rest.

After a days time we returned to the lair, no accompanied by a magic user named jarlath. This time we quickly proceeded to a large room where the goblins were worshiping. After we engaged them a horde of goblins came running at us from the other side of the large room. Most of our party quickly took up position along a small wall in the center of the room, but Jarlath was seperated from the rest of us. I was hoping to move closer to him as I did not think his robes would afford much protection against the goblin weapons, but we were quickly surrounded. Seeing our situation I tightened my grip on my axes and began the work of exterminating the goblin filth.

In their haste the goblins had run at us carelessly and we were able to easily cut the horde down to a managable size. After seeing the fate of their friends, most of the remaining goblins ran from the battle. Those who remained were quickly disposed of. Our party remained largly u


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