Blackmire Marches

Highland Silver

Isidren organized an excursion into the Clannach Highlands to determine the source of the strange silver coins the the orc tribes have been given to cause us trouble. They seemed like they could use the healing power of Janus, so I agreed to join them. Led by Olaf, Isidren, Ba’zou, Levin and myself made an uneventful trip South to the Vespasian Wall.

We found a way through the wall and made our way deep into the highlands seeing nothing but a herd of sheep before we found a large village. We waited on the ridge until a party of highlanders came out to meet us. Isidren stepped forward, and befriended the leader of the highlander party, Cormag Bannackburn. He didn’t know anything about the silver coins, but gave us directions to the MacLeod clan.

En route to the MacLeod village, we came upon a wounded highlander facing off against a Dire Wolf. Without a second thought I drove my horse directly at the Dire Wolf and dove off hoping to attract its attention. With the aid of Ba’zou circling to the north, and something Isidren did, the Dire Wolf appeared confused and back up a little. I stood up and moved between the wolf and the highlander, who appeared to have lost his sword.

We moved in on the wolf, and he hit me pretty good and drove me to the ground. Luckily Ba’zou send his dogs charging in and Isidren made a pool of grease appear beneath the best. this was enough bring the creature to the ground, and we were able to quickly dispatch it.

After the beast was dead, I cast Comprehend Languages and approached the highlander, through some pantomime, and healing myself, I gained his trust and healed him. What commenced was some very difficult communication, but eventually he took a liking to us and invited us back to his cave. He told us his name was Luag MacLeod, and he was a ‘retired’ member of the MacLeod clan.

Luag told us a lot about how the clans work, and with an impressive illusion by Levin, we were able to get him to understand what we were looking for. We spent the night with Luag, and the next morning he led us to the MacLeod village.

Luag appears to be something of a legend here, as the whole village turned out to see him. He led us to the long house, and we met The MacLeod. Through much negotiation, they agreed to tell us everything they know about the silver coins, if we would clear out an ancient Verundian fort of a group of goblins. They even agreed to send some of their warriors with us.

We let them know we would need time to prepare, and made our way back towards Blackmire. My companions were itching for a fight, so we camped out in the Howling Moore hoping to ambush some prey. Unfortunately, we were the ones ambushed. While I was on guard duty and the rest of the party was sleeping, we were attacked by a group of skeletons and a group of Stirges.

The power of Janus made quick work of the skeletons, and Levin caught most of the Stirges in web. A very quick battle ensued, and we defeated the Stirges. We decided this was enough, and went back to Blackmire to prepare for our raid on the goblin castle.



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