Blackmire Marches

"The Darkness" and Goblin Punching

Isidren bar Turion
Personal Log: Blackmire Year 1st, Month 3rd, Week 2nd

Location: Goblin Warrens
Party Members: Isidren, Armras, Ba’zou, Bernardo

“I am a cornucopia of expulsions”
~ Armras Saralonde

The Goblin Warrens had a fearsome reputation among the old-timers here in Blackmire. Apparently several overly eager adventurers, perhaps in their thirst for gold and glory, had faced their untimely end within those goblin infested caverns in the past. This penchant for “culling the herd” so to speak, had given the place a certain notoriety which, in my opinion, is quite underwhelming. It might be though; that our party was simply powerful or well prepared seeing as only the hired help we had with us kept on falling flat on his face because of the injuries he suffered.

On the day of the expedition, we all met at the Map Room to discuss our plan of attack. There was no clear goal for this trip other than to explore the warrens, reduce the number of pesky goblins therein and take whatever items we find that had any sort of value. After a short discussion, it was decided that with his knowledge of tunnels and dungeons, the wizard Bernardo was to serve as our party leader. We hired the services of a guild fighter whose name I don’t remember and set out to our destination. I also had a new dog named Sventar and spared no coin to have a custom chain shirt crafted for him hopefully so he can avoid the fate of his predecessor.

It was clear when we arrived that Bernardo’s assessment of prolonged and utter darkness was not overstated. However, between our spells and ample supply of sunrods, illumination was not much of an issue… unless you ask Armras. As soon as we entered the caverns, the rogue started referring to himself as “The Darkness” and was acting like light annoyed him. As far as I know, the rogue was fully human and had no dark vision or variations thereof and therefore no reason to shun light. Looking back, I suspect that Armras may have had too much of whatever that strong stuff Helmut brews in the back of the Winning Wager. Either that or he truly is committed when it comes to his jokes.

Once inside the cave, we were immediately set upon by goblin wolf-riders. These ugly creatures where fearsome and in no time, they had one of our arms men bleeding on the ground. The rest of us however were more than a match for their lupine cavalry and through magic and force of arms, made short work of them. It was notable however, that one of the goblins, who was dying due to well placed magic missiles I administered, fell not through the sword or arcane might but through the spiked fist of our roguish companion. This ignominious and rather hilarious death inspired Armras to try and kill as many goblins as he can by punching them. After pausing to administer some first aid and give a precious healing potion to our injured fighter, we continued on our quest to relieve the world of more goblins, and to relieve the said goblins of their worldly possessions. We encountered another group of goblins whom we dispatched with ease except for the fact that our guid fighter was once again sleeping on a puddle of his own blood leaving Bernardo to drag him out of combat and into a safe area. Armras ,for his part, continued chasing the goblins and tried to punch them to death. He even insisted that Ba’zou step aside so he could flying punch the poor creature the shielded fighter was bashing. Clearly amused, the warrior did as the rogue said and simply rolled his eyes when Armras failed to connect. As it happened, this was to be our last encounter for the trip. Probably tired from having to drag our guild fighter to safety after every encounter, Bernardo decided that we should return to Blackmire after looting our fallen foes. Disappointed by not being able to explore the whole caverns, I joined my companions on our trek back and decided to visit the caverns again in the future.



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