Rupert Foul-Mouth


Rupert Foul-Mouth is an incredibly ugly human male whose language is as foul as his disposition. He has no redeeming qualities other than a reputation has an honest trader and broker of dry goods. At this time all goods listed in PHB 128 Table 7-8 under the Adventuring Gear and Clothing sections are available for the listed price.

Some Favorite Rupert Foul-Mouth quotes, as recounted in the tavern:

  1. “Lord Shitmouth can tickle my dung-hole with his tongue before I give him so much as a whetstone to sharpen his castrating knife.”
  2. “By Pelor’s left ball, he’ll look like the friar who was found pronging the eunuch if he’s not careful”
  3. “The mason’s guild is filled with buggering turd-lickers whose hammers spend more time up their bungholes than they do making block.”

Rupert Foul-Mouth

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