Blackmire Marches

Return to the Wizard's Tower

So we headed north to continue exploring the abandoned wizards tower. This time we had several more in our company. Somewhere in the Cradle Woods, Eiger heard sounds of a bloody ruckus and ran ahead to investigate. As we trailed behind him we found several dead loggers and one badly wounded one named Sven. Bila was able to heal most of Sven’s major wounds while we searched the area for whatever attacked them. Other than the loggers we found hoof tracks, but could not find a clear trail to follow. With the bodies of the slain loggers and Sven we headed back to town to turn over the bodies for a proper burial.

Not wanting to lose any more time, we headed back as soon as we could. Olaf once again led us and got us more or less close to where we were going. We first came across the lake we saw the first time. From there it was easy going to the lake that had the Wizard’s tower. We shacked up in the same shanty that we did the last time we were here. During my watch I heard voices far in the distance. Figuring that everyone else would want to get in on the fun I woke them all up. After some continued listening and watchin we saw a far on the far shore. By that point, I was feeling worn from a long day of tramping and figured why go crashing through the woods at night? They’d likely be there in the morning. Come dawn we were able to make out theys were humans and were working to throw nets in the lake. Seems a mighty far way to come for some fish.

This time we were able to cross to the tower and get in without no durn things coming out from under us. Hopin for more of interest we followed the steps to the second floor. And guess what? Nuthin! Some sundry items and some unnatural torches. No way to get to the higher levels and nothing we did could get us higher. So instead of staying inside, I figured we should tackle the task from the outside. Eiger, he drank some foul smellin potion and started skittering up the wall to the window. From his vantage he dropped a rope down and Bila started up after him. As I started coming up next, when theys started havin fun without me! I kept climbin, and climbin but it was just gauling to hear them carrying on without me! By the time I finally through my legs over the windowsill all was quiet and there weren’t even bodies to loot. Gah! This why does everyone have to be so stingy and not let me have my fun.

Arabian Adventurers in the Warrens

Abdullah’s Journal:

Khalid, Abdullah, and the druid Weylyn headed to the Goblins Warrens, entering through the mountain lion cave. We immediately came upon some goblins and Weylyn charged at them while riding a wolf. Khalid split a goblin in half from shoulder to crotch. The remaining goblin immediately fled. Realizing it could not escape the wolf mounted druid and the speedy Khalid, it turned to fight only to be slaughtered by Khalid.

Heading back to the underground Temple of Mythos, we ran into another group of 4 goblins. Again, Khalid split another goblin shoulder to crotch, then killed two more before the last fled. Weylyn’s healing arts and rejuvenating goodberries saved the day. We were wounded so we decided to head back to town. Sadly, we ran into goblin wolf riders …

Khalid the Ferocious, killed all attackers and we headed back to town.

The next day after a pleasant night’s sleep, we headed back to the Goblin Warrens. As is typical of the Warrens, we immediately ran into a couple of goblins that Khalid killed quickly. Further into the Warrens we ran into a line of goblins that had apparently been waiting for us. Weylyn took a scratch from a javelin, but we killed or made them flee. Giving pursuit, we found MORE goblins.

Exploration of the Cradle Wood Lost Temple

Firentis was sitting around the Wager and this little human name Heath was trying to take Eiger and Zeke, along with the twins, on an excursion to some Orc fort, but the twins were having an argument and decided not to go, and Heath decided it was too dangerous and cancelled the trek.

Firentis was saw all of this, and decided to offer Zeke and Eiger to join him on a trip to the Cradle Wood. Eiger said that they had discovered a Lost Temple there, and there might be more to explore, so they went off.

On the way, our group was attacked by two dire weasels. They both charged, and attached themselves to me. We managed to kill them both pretty quickly, but I lost a lot of blood, and feel pretty week.

We continued to the temple, and when we got there, Zeke and I examined an obelisk in the corner. Zeke was able to determine that this obelisk could teleport us back to Blackmire. We went down the steps, and searched all 3 rooms. I found a switch under the sarcophagus in the third room, and that opened up on a hallway.

We followed the hall, and came to a door. I opened the door, and the ground underneath me dropped out, and I fell about 40 feet to the bottom. Eiger quickly tossed down a rope, and I climbed my way back up. As I got to the top, the door started to close, so I jumped the pit and held the door open. While I was trying to force the door all the way open, 2 Zombies attacked me. Eiger joined me at the door, and I was able to slip into the room, and after a little ingenuity by Eiger, we defeated the Zombies.

We searched the room, then headed for the opposite door, which was locked. I took some time, and bashed the door down. The next room had 6 more sarcophagi in it, so I opened the firs one, and a skeleton popped out, which we quickly took down. When I went to open the next one, another skeleton arose, and while we were fighting it, 2 Zombies attacked our flank. Just as we were getting a handle on the Zombies, another creature appeared out of no way and attacked Eiger, and drove him back. We dispatched the Zombies, and concentrated our efforts on the Wight. This creature, hit both Zeke and I, and it felt like its attack hit me in my soul, and I felt completely drained.

We were on the cusp of retreating, when Eiger was able to trip this foul creature, and with a mighty cleave, I chopped it in half.

We used the obelisk to travel back to town, and I went with Zeke to the temple. He was able to lend me the 247gp I needed to restore the damage done to me by the Wight.

Fun Trip to the Coppice Lakes
I led an adventure to explore the Coppice Lakes and determine if I could find the rumored wizard’s castle on the lake. I recruited Bila, a healer and Darem, a fighter to accompany me on this expeditions as well as hiring my trusty sidekick, Hurmore and a tracker named Olaf. We left Blackmire and headed into the Craddle Wood, where we encountered a grizzly bear. I did not want to lose anyone right off the bat so I attacked with my arrows (as did Hurmore and Olaf) as Darem, in typical barbarian fashion rushed the bear and Bila followed along to do the inevitable healing that was going to be required. I must have slept extremely well last night or something because I critically wounded the bear. Twice. Having learned a bit from my other adventures we skinned the bear and continued on. We exited the Craddle Wood and Olaf looked lost (Trackers! Do any of them know where they are going?) We found a stream and followed it west to find a large lake with a fishing hut and not much else. We continued on, finding two more lakes. At the last lake was a fishing hut that we decided to search. While we were searching the hut we heard shouts and yells and Darem, instead of using the door like most, decided to go bursting through the wall and find out what was happening. A female elven druid ran out of the woods followed by three spiders. Darem was truly having an off day and proceeded to get bit not once but twice by the spiders, which sapped his strength. The rest of us dispatched the spiders and decided to camp for the night in the hut and I spoke with my elven sister. She knew the location of the castle we were seeking and agreed to take us there in the morning. Upon arriving at the lake that contained the castle we proceeded to build a boat to take us to the castle. Of course, there was a fishing hut that we had not explored and once we got around to checking that out it had an old boat we could have used that would have saved us time. In the end we decided to take both boats across, which turned out to be a wise decision. On the way across the water we were beset by 3 water elementals. It took some doing but we managed to defeat them (I don’t think the term “kill” is probably appropriate in this situation) and our boats held up. We docked at the castle and proceeded to enter. Upon entering we encountered 4 earth elementals. We did defeat them but at this point decided to return to town to heal (for Darem) and rest. I also decided at this point it might be wise to recruit another spellcaster, as I detected at least 4 more magical auras within the castle and I was out of spells. In conclusion, a very successful adventure with ALL of the party returning home (although not all were in the best shape!)
Newbies to the Warrens

Abdullah’s Journal:

A noble knight named Sir Jorah Mormont led a group of new Blackmire Adventurers into the Goblins Warrens. Included in the group were two middle-easterners, Khalid and Abdullah, a beautiful rangeress named Aria and the sneaky halfling Slayde.

We entered through the Monastery courtyard again and traveled through the tunnels until finding a mountain lion lair. We quickly dispatched the poor beast, though Sir Jorah was wounded badly. Searching the lair we found a fine flail and some gold. Given that we had no healers, we headed back to town.

After selling the loot and buying healing potions from the local temple, we headed back to the mountain lion cave to continue our exploration of the warrens. We promptly ran into a clutch of goblins when coming around a corner and killed most of them before the rest fled. We then found an arched-entrance to chamber made of worked stone that contained carved symbols of Mythos.

Another crew of goblins led by a shaman were in this room and when we moved into attack two goblins ran up and smacked me in the head. The world went black …

I awoke a little later as Khalid poured a healing potion down my throat and Slayde showed up saying that the rest of the party had been killed.

To the Goblin warrens through the Monastery

Ebban organized another excursion into the Goblin warrens. This time we went in through the new entrance in the Monastery. We went into the cave, and wandered around a while before we came to a small cavern just as a small group of goblins came in from the other side. Ebban and I quickly dispatched the goblins and I chased the ones that got away.

I chased them around a corner, and ran right into a cavern full of goblins. I turned around and joined the rest of the party and we formed a wall to meet them. Ebban Zeke and I gutted goblin after goblin with support from Serena and Hurmore. Once the battle was done, we searched their cave and found some loot.

We then continued down the passage and found ourselves on a ledge overlooking a large cavern with a river running through it. We moved out onto the ledge, and Ebban took stance on the other side and honored the spirits of clan Goblinslayer and killed 4 goblins riding wolves single handily while Zeke and I guarded the ladder leading down into the cavern below that was filling quickly with more goblins.

We took several volleys of javelins and several hit me in some vital spots and I went down. When I came to, Zeke had just healed me, and I went back out onto the ledge to help Ebban. I was no sooner out there, when one of the largest goblins I had ever seen tripped me up and forced me off the ledge! Luckily for me I landed on top of several goblins, and they broke my fall. I could hear continued fighting above me, but all of my concentration was on the matter at hand.

I backed up the edge of the cavern and deftly block all of the goblins attacks on me for a little while, then they swarmed over me and tried to drag me down. I managed to knock off most of them, but a few hung on. A couple more grabbed a hold and started dragging me away. There is no way a few goblins are going to drag me off, I will through us all in the river first. Just as we got to the bridge, I drew upon all of my strength and energy, and threw all of the goblins off of me.

The rest of the goblins scattered, and we were victorious! I rejoined my companions, and we headed back to town.

A Goblin Hunting We Go

Ebban, Zeke, Firentis, and Serena (accompanied by faithful Hurmore) went to the Abandoned Monastery and found the secret entrance to the Goblin Warrens below the tree in the courtyard. We descended and found a room filled with goblins, including an apparent shaman that temporarily filled Ebban with such fear that he fled for a very short time. Meanwhile, Firentis was extremely angry and started laying waste to every goblin around him. Serena, with bow and magic, peppered the enemy and caused some to fall asleep.

Ebban returned to the fray and the party quickly killed at least 10 of the rat bastards. A quick search of the chamber led to the discovery of two arcane scrolls and some gold. We followed the goblins into a huge chamber filled with various ledges, waterfalls, and passages. A huge battle ensued with goblins, wargs, and shaman.

From our position on a ledge, Ebban single handedly killed three goblin warg riders. Countless javelins were hurled at us from below. Amazingly, a goblin climbed up to our ledge and shoved Firentis off the ledge! Where we had been in a position of strength, now Firentis was down in amongst a sea of goblins…

Tune in tomorrow …

363 xp; 400 gp, 2 arcane scrolls (scorching ray 2, tenser’s floating disk 1), oil flask

Firentis was able to stand up, but was soon tackled and carried off by a clutch of goblins. Ebban cleaved goblins left and right up on the ledge while pious Zeke kept him healthy. Serena made an impressive shot and picked off one of the goblins carrying Firentis. Ebban and Zeke descended down from the ledge just as Firentis finally shook off the goblins. They immediately fled but not before Ebban killed one more of the little rat bastards. Having rescued Firentis, the party returned to Blackmire intact.

850 xp

Orc Mountain - Level 1: COMPLETE

Zeke and I crossed the bridge to join the rest of the party. As we entered the next cavern, two humans started shouting at us. Investigating, we found two malnourished humans penned up, a logger named Sven and rogue called Heath. Being as the door was made of wood and several of us were carrying axes, it didn’t stand in our way too long. There were also several stacks of crates that were full of mundane goods.

I asked Sven about the Orcs that captured them and he was able to identify two of them: Great Olf and a wizened female shaman. Heath joined us to exact revenge and we follow the trail of blood. Still greatly wounded we kill Great Olf, along with his two pet wolves and two Orcs.

As I moved up to examine a dwarven statue, it’s mouth opened and sprayed me. At first I thought I was all right, but a minute later I started feeling woozy and weak. We moved into what appeared to be a sleeping chamber with a lone Orc. Before I could run up and engage him challenged us to single combat. In exchange, if we won he’d tell us the secret of this place. I don’t know why the party believed him, or even wanted to give him a clean death. I mean he is an ORC! Anyhoo, I guess it was all the same because Eiger showed him who was the boss. With his dying breath, he did tell us about a secret passage way into the Ura’s lair.

We continued methodically investigating until we found a well, the landmark to the secret passageway. Following through the narrow hall, Orshar burst through the door. Unfortunately, she took the blunt of the damage. The flaming Orshar grappled the shaman to the ground, preventing the big bad from casting any spells. Her two companions didn’t give much resistance and now all three are dead.

Curious as to what was so bad about the main passageway in, we left via the main door. The stirges that beset us were definitely unpleasant, but nothing to be scared of.

Fumbling About the Moor
Ineptitude Personified

Ebban’s Journal:

We stumbled about the moor looking for the tomb of some dead Verundian but all we found were hungry weasels and wolves. Thequis doesn’t know North from his bunghole.

Back to the Monastery...again

Ebban organized another trip to the Monastery. On the way there, we ran into a group of Zombies, that Thequis almost walked right into. I charged one and eviscerated him with extreme prejudice. I then swung around the remaining two Zombies and crushed one. Once all of the zombies were dead, we went back into the Monastery. We quickly went back to the room with the locked door. Our stalwart Half-ling searched the door and found the trap. Unfortunately, he did not disarm the trap and it went off.

Poor Slayde flew across the room and hit the wall, and was knocked unconscious. We then sent Talia in with a magic scroll, and she was able to open the door. The shear wealth of this room was beyond anything I have ever seen in my life!

Thequis searched the room and we took all of the valuable items back to town.

After going through our items, and finding 5 magic items, we sold all of the non magical items and distributed the magical ones. I got a magical suit of Chain mail, although it does slow me down a little bit.

The next morning we set back out to the Monastery and went into the basement. Just as we started down the steps, they collapsed on us, and we all went tumbling down. We pulled ourselves together and searched the basement, but found nothing of interest, so we turned our attention to the door. I hacked it down with an axe and we moved into the burial mounds. Ebban noticed a goblin hole, so we moved toward it, and while the rest of the party was searching, I got attacked by some sort of ooze. Ebban ran down to help me fend it off, but He lost his War Axe and I lost a throwing axe before we defeated it.

We looked into the goblin hole, and decided to leave without investigating further and went back to town.


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