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  • Jack

    Jack is a street Urchin from a large city back east. He has made his way to Blackmire doing this and that and always one step ahead of a bad fate.

  • Dragnar

    Before you stands a funny looking man, He is dressed in rag tagged attire that seems unfitting of anyone of civilised means. He has a scrupulous face and wide eyes, wearing knee high boots, Blue striped pyjama pants, a wide leather belt, a simple vest and …

  • Sir Nigel Hastings

    Sir Nigel is the youngest son of the Earl of Hastings, a major land-holding lord from the country of Anglia [[Back East]]. Sir Nigel's father and brothers are unscrupulous nobles who rule their fiefdom's with an iron fist and little concern for the …

  • Alistair Gestalt

    Raised in lavish by his parents, heads of military operations in his country, Alistair was raised to be a leader. Strong and influential, he was to take on the legacy of his parents, directing the Empire of Iron's troops and conquering every land the …