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  • Keller Goblinhunter

    Keller started life an a regular Gnome in the middle class. Upon coming of age, he joined the local town militia as was expected of all young boys his age. There he was trained in the ways of the ranger and greatly excelled in this career. He was slow …

  • Castien Vanos

    Castien grew up in an Elven community back East. His parents were part of the ruling circle, and as such were very strict on him. This continued even as he reached adulthood. It finally reached a boiling point when they didn't approve of the woman he …

  • Levin

    Levin hails from the nobility of some culture back east. Apparently there was a scandal involving him and an attempted assassination; he had to flee to the west.

  • Amras Sáralondë

    Amras Sáralondë is a man that doesn't stick out in a crowd at first glance, though if you took the time to single him out and study him without him noticing you'd notice that he moves with a fluid grace, his every action deliberate and methodical. He was …