Player Requests

Blackmire Marches has a unique system to address the ubiquitous requests of players to have access to items, feats and abilities not presented in the rules as written.

A special forum (Player Requests) will be created wherein any player can post whatever outlandish requests for naked power-gamer advantage they wish. This forum will be reviewed regularly by DMs for potential story ideas. If your post inspires a DM to create an adventure, location or locale then a way for your character to gain that advantage will be implemented.

This system is designed to, hopefully, entice players who are primarily interested in ‘powering-up’ their characters to engage in the wider world of the campaign.

Players can post whatever they wish in the forum, however the more reasonable the advantage and the more evocative the post is to the DM are the primary factors in the request being taken up and put into the campaign.

A good example of a request and it’s effect:

Player MiNmAxX Munchkin posts a new thread in the Player Request forum: “I want my Bard, Rufus, to be able to cast Glibness. Maybe he heard an ancient Hellic story about a hero who tricked his way into the Abyss to steal back his lover from the God of Hell and thought that there was more to the legend than myth. Maybe the ancients had access to this type of power and if he searches for clues at Hellic shrines and temples he can find a way to cast that spell.”

Of course no real power gamer would be playing a Bard, but for the sake of argument, let’s say a GM looks at this request and decides that;

1. The power is reasonable (a 3rd level Bard spell doesn’t break the game although it is technically outside the power level of the rules as written), and
2. The story suggested by MiNmAxX Munchkin is a meaningful addition to the history of the campaign world, as well as gives a starting point for an adventure path.

The GM decides to go ahead and plot a path that could eventually lead to the fulfillment of the request, adding his own twists and turns as he sees fit. The end result is that Rufus can spend his next gained Feat to cast Glibness once per day.

It is completely up to the GM how the power or item gets implemented into the campaign, and to balance it appropriately. It is also the GM’s prerogative to completely change, twist or dump the story (if any) suggested by the Player to fit the game world as well. Player response to the efforts of the GM to implement something special for them will also be a consideration in any future requests as well.

Player Requests

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