Blackmire Marches

A Goblin Hunting We Go

Ebban, Zeke, Firentis, and Serena (accompanied by faithful Hurmore) went to the Abandoned Monastery and found the secret entrance to the Goblin Warrens below the tree in the courtyard. We descended and found a room filled with goblins, including an apparent shaman that temporarily filled Ebban with such fear that he fled for a very short time. Meanwhile, Firentis was extremely angry and started laying waste to every goblin around him. Serena, with bow and magic, peppered the enemy and caused some to fall asleep.

Ebban returned to the fray and the party quickly killed at least 10 of the rat bastards. A quick search of the chamber led to the discovery of two arcane scrolls and some gold. We followed the goblins into a huge chamber filled with various ledges, waterfalls, and passages. A huge battle ensued with goblins, wargs, and shaman.

From our position on a ledge, Ebban single handedly killed three goblin warg riders. Countless javelins were hurled at us from below. Amazingly, a goblin climbed up to our ledge and shoved Firentis off the ledge! Where we had been in a position of strength, now Firentis was down in amongst a sea of goblins…

Tune in tomorrow …

363 xp; 400 gp, 2 arcane scrolls (scorching ray 2, tenser’s floating disk 1), oil flask

Firentis was able to stand up, but was soon tackled and carried off by a clutch of goblins. Ebban cleaved goblins left and right up on the ledge while pious Zeke kept him healthy. Serena made an impressive shot and picked off one of the goblins carrying Firentis. Ebban and Zeke descended down from the ledge just as Firentis finally shook off the goblins. They immediately fled but not before Ebban killed one more of the little rat bastards. Having rescued Firentis, the party returned to Blackmire intact.

850 xp



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