Blackmire Marches

Ancient Structure Investigations and other sundry musings on proper summoning magics...

Journal Entry, Octo Octobris…

The group that I hired on spec to investigate the sunken Hellic ruins in the region of Blackmire called Coppice Lakes was a motley crew at best. A barbaric warrior of some ability name Khaidu, a rather good shot with a crossbow named Amras and a Sorceror (I will withold my opinions here of such as that…) with a Raven familiar. Dupin took an immediate dislike to all of them as is his wont. I on the other hand decided to joyfully participate in the company that I am forced to keep to search out my fortune and glory.

We made good time initially, leaving the civilized lands around the city. Upon entering the thickest woods of the day, we stumbled upon a group of hooligans. We attacked them under the pretense of keeping the woods safe although more than a few of us had shrinking change purses as our true motives. Never-the-less, we prevailed and did make out with enough gold to effect the purchase of a cart and a rowboat, which would be needed to fully investigate the sunken ruins.

Upon arriving at said ruins, the lake waters around them were humming with a large water elemental. My studies of the outer planes assured me that we were no match for such a creature. Especially unprepared and in such a tiny boat. We abandoned the search of the ruins but decided in stead to head to a hedge maze a group of dimwitted Fishermen clued us in on.

Upon arriving at the maze I smelled the tell-tale stench of Druidism in the air. The maze was indeed magical in nature and upon entering we found it full of spiders, snakes, bears and wolves. At the center was a strange magical tablet that when moved, disappeared the maze and revealed a cubby with a sack of gold. We took the gold and returned home.

One of my companions dared compare the perfect creatures from the planes that I summon forth to do my bidding to the base animals and vermin that Druids summon. I endeavored to explain to him his stupidity.

On our return trip we were unfortunate enough to run afoul of a pair of wild boars who viciously attacked! As if that wasn’t enough the sounds of combat and smell of blood drew a pair of Dire Weasels as well! It must be mating season in the Cradle Wood…


Isidren bar Turion
Personal Log : Blackmire Year 1st, Month 1st, Week 3rd

An ancient structure in the middle of a lake and a wizard researcher. If that sentence did not immediately fire up my curiosity then call a powerful cleric or arcanist because I have been turned into stone!

Barely a week after my foray to Cradle Woods, an old looking and bearded wizard (is there any other kind?) named Bernardo came into the Winning Wager and announced that he was hiring companions for his research expedition to an ancient structure in the Copice lakes. I was of course interested as it almost definitely involve ancient magical lore. I approached the aged wizard and was surprised when I learned that, one he was in fact younger than me and two that “hiring” for him meant “come with me for free into this possibly trapped dungeon and maybe we find loot and I share some with you”. When I asked him about the second point he gave me that smug look wizards are wont to give. But deciding that knowledge is worth more than gold, I agreed to join his motley crew.

After some preparation, we headed out and immediately came upon a group of bandits sitting around a campfire in Cradle Woods. We dispatched them quickly and looted their remains (who were the bandits here again?) The high and mighty Bernardo then announced that we would use this money we found to buy a boat and a cart back in town. How he was planning to traverse the lake (I thought the ruins were by the shore) before we got the money to buy a boat, I do not know but for someone who has to prepare his spells daily, he was rather ill prepared.

It was on the following day that we continued our journey. With boat in tow, we made it to the lake without incident other than some fishermen who told us about a maze. At the lake, the wizard and two of the fighters, Khaidu and Hurmore, boarded the boat and started paddling to the structure. Before they even neared the site, they spotted a large water elemental patrolling the waters. The headed to shore quickly and once regrouped , it was agreed upon that tangling with the guardian is beyond our current abilities. We instead headed to the maze which was apparently made of magic and full of assorted hostile animals. Inside the maze Bernardo kept on mumbling about filthy druids and how north is the rule, then how south was the rule. By the gods I would have set his beard on fire had I had the spell just to stop his mumbling. In the center of the maze, we found a magical tablet that dispelled the maze’s illusion when touched and hid a compartment filled with gold underneath it. We would not have found that compartment had I not insisted on taking another look at the tablet.

We encountered another group of wild animals on the way back to town. They proved to be more of a challenge that the bandits. It is only now that I realize we could have skinned all those animals for their pelts and made a bit more coin but alas my hunter instincts failed me. As for the magic tablet, Bernardo took it with him but agreed that I could borrow it for examination when I need to.


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