Blackmire Marches

Back to the Tin Mine

Find our comrade's bodies

Devon, Silvio, Serena, Gravon, and Zorn set out to head back to the Tin Mine and retrieve the bodies of their lost comrades who fell to the goblins several weeks ago. Darem arrived late and nearly missed the excursion. Everything started off on a bad leg when nobody had a horse or cart. It became worse when it was revealed that Serena’s man-at-arms (Hurmore) came on the trip without armor or weapons.

The shit really hit the fan when too many party members climbed onto the bucket and the chain broke. Everybody except for Silvio and Hurmore crashed to the bottom of the shaft. Serena cracked her head on the side of the cart and was dying until Garavon healed her.

A few goblins fired some javelins at the party and there were some brief ineffectual skirmishes. This could only be described as an EPIC FAILURE.

We finally headed down to the large cavern where we engaged the enemy. Darem bravely entered every fray first, while Serena used to Sleep spells to great effect. Devon went down, but then Darem, the dogs, and an incredible two-handed blow from Silvio dropped the goblin sergeant. Devon was stabilized by Garavon and then we set about slaughtering the sleeping goblins.

Next, an amazing site greeted us, as a crazed looking goblin came charging at us atop a evil warg! Silvio was taken down by the warg and rider and knew no more …


Devon joined the group heading to the Tin mines at dawn. With Silvio leading the way, we had no problem finding the mines. We entered the mine and all tried to climb into the elevator basket, but just as Hurmore went to enter, the chain gave way and we all tumbled down. The racket alerted the goblins and they began hurling javelins. We chased them around and then went down to the next level.

There were 4 goblins waiting for Darem at the bottom of the ladder. They tried to attack him, but missed and they ran away. We all climbed down the ladder, and worked our way down the hallway into the big cavern, and the fight was on. Our front line moved into the cavern and Serena cast a couple of sleep spells to clear the way. Just as I moved into the cavern, I got hit by a morning star and went down. When I came to, the first group of goblins were dead, and a new group was attacking, led by a goblin riding a warg. At first we were holding our own, but then Silvio went down. I tried to move up and hold the line, but Darem withdrew, so I had to fall back and leave Silvio, but I was able to hold the warg and rider back long enough for the rest of the party to withdraw. We conducted a fighting withdraw and managed to fall back to the upper level. From there we made our way back to Blackmire.

Back to the Tin Mine

Bah, I don’t know why they were in such a hurry to get bloodied. Just because you have a dozen ales or two, and are stuck in the outhouse…Bah, nevermind!

Can’t say as we could have made more noise getting down into the mine. What with everyone jumping in the bucket until it breaks. At least I got to work out some of my sore muscles but cleaving goblins in twain. From what I hear the first level was joke, and I agree. Now down on the second, that was fun. Though I did feel bad slaying those sleeping goblins. I was considering waking them up on by one and challenging them to single combat. Unfortunately, a worthy opponent showed up after a horde of goblins tried to put pokie sticks in me. At least we able to get _most _ of the party out safely. Next time, hopefully the big bad gets to me sooner.

Back to the Tin Mine

Garavon’s Personal Adventure Journal, Entry 4 (written in a mix of Druidic and Sylvan)
With respect to Drogosh, our departed friend, Darem, Silvio, Serena, Zorn, Devon, and myself set out for the tin mine where his first companions met their ill-fated end. Our hope was to return with the bodies of his allies to give them a proper burial. But, this adventure, like many of our others, has not gone according to plan. Silvio led us to the tin mine with no issue at all, which was somewhat surprising. Normally we don’t have that easy of a time passing through the wilderness here. Upon reaching the tin mine, we entered and found the dreaded lowering bucket spoken of in many stories (some comical and some frustrating) at The Wager. After hearing what had happened to the previous druid, I attached a block and tackle to the top floor to hoist Rynor and myself out should anything happen. We decided to use the bucket on our initial descent. From our lack of engineering know-how, we overloaded the chain the bucket was attached to and all fell down the pit, except, interestingly enough, Silvio, who had stayed behind to wench us down. Also similarly to the stories, as soon as we regained our feet at the bottom of the pit, we were ambushed by goblins with spears. Nasty creatures, goblins are. Their mere existence is a fouling of Nature. Rynor and I took the brunt of the initial volley, but Devon was quick to step up to the front to drive the creatures away. Have I mentioned how much I dislike being in close quarters with goblins? Their stench seems to permeate everything. And being underground is for dwarves. Every Elven fiber of my being told me to leave that wretched hole in the ground and take a long bath. Alas, I did not want to abandon my companions to the same fate as the last group that tried to rid this mine, so I persevered. The goblins were mostly using surprise attacks on us as we’d round corners, but luckily, we didn’t take too much damage. After we cleared the first onslaught, I realized Serena was not getting back up so I called upon Nature to restore life to her. It seems that even in this place, Nature can hear my pleas, and Serena looked back in good health and good spirits. We traversed the rest of the floor, occasionally running into a goblin as we’d round a corner. Once we were convinced that we’d ridded this floor of all the goblins, we descended a ladder set into the wall of the cave. Darem went down first and found an ambush of four goblins waiting on him at the bottom. Through some expert maneuvering, Devon made it down the ladder beside Darem to help him fend off the goblins. We regrouped the party in the small room at the base of the ladder, with me using another block and tackle, this time effectively, to lower Rynor down. Up until this point, because of the narrow corridors, I had mostly been in the back away from the fighting, but this floor was slightly more open and allowed Rynor and I to get in on the action. Serena shined once we attacked the goblins in their main room. She immediately took out half of the combatants by herself with a few carefully placed Sleep spells. After yet another hard fought battle, we finally dropped all the goblins in the room, as well as their leader, but only after taking some heavy hits and expending a lot of our precious little healing resources. We finished off the sleeping goblins and were regaining our strength when another goblin riding a worg charged Darem and knocked him to the ground. With him came another large party of goblins, and we decided to retreat, but sadly, not before we lost Silvio. We made it back to the room at the base of the ladder, and since our resources were nearly spent, we decided to cut our losses and leave the mine behind. We gathered what mining equipment we could from the store room and left the tin mine, again making it safely back to town. We returned the mining gear to the miners, who were grateful and gave us something for our troubles. This tin mine seems to be a place where adventurers go to meet their ends, so I am not sure I will be returning there any time soon.

Back to the Tin Mine

Zorn’s log:
I headed out on my first excursion to the infamous man eating Tin Mine for a goblin slaying expedition. The party squabbled at first about renting a mule. I still don’t get this idea of paying for animals.
Once in the mine I learned to beware of mining baskets stuffed full of evles and humans. It can never end well.
I took the express elevator down the mine shaft. It was nice to be back underground, despite the goblin smell.

We fought small groups of dirty goblin ambushers and had an enjoyable time skewering them. Yavin my new dog has proved to be just as fearless and loyal as the late Zed. We do need to work on Yavin’s accuracy in battle. The goblins kept dodging his attacks.
The party held their own in battle until a goblin showed up with a warg mount and a horde of his filthy goblin friends. Javalins were tossed everwhere and the warg ate one of the humans. At that point we decided to call it a day. Back to The Winning Wager for some ale.

Back to the Tin Mine

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