Blackmire Marches

Further, Further Exploration of Cradle Wood

Eiger, Drogosh, Zorn and Garavon set out to explore the Cradle Wood. With absolutely no direction from the multitude of Druids that somehow live in the bastion of civilization that is Blackmire, Eiger chose to head West as he is that kind of decisive leader.

We detected several humanoids moving through the underbrush, Zorn quickly threw a spear and nearly killed a peaceful logger. Luckily, this logger knew the way to the Lost Temple and parted with that information for a small fee.

A few kilometers later the intrepid explorers ran into an Orc raiding party. The Orcs somehow managed to surround Zorn’s pet dog and knock him into unconsciousness. People were scattered willy-nilly and both Drogosh and Zorn also got knocked out. Drogosh succumbed to his injuries before anyone could get to him. Also Zorn’s dog was slain.

We packed up the bodies and headed back to town.

We decided to go back out after resting. Zorn prayed for a whole day in the woods and another dog that looked remarkably similar to his old dog showed up. The barding fit it perfectly too, which was strange.

We eventually found our way to the Lost Temple. All of the trees around it were dead and blighted according to Garavon it was magical. The temple, which originally was to an Ancient Hellic Diety, had been defaced by some dark religion’s practicioners.

A deadly Viper made a cowardly sneak attack on Eiger and tried to poison him. At first he felt fine, then he didn’t…

Downstairs in the Temple basement there was a door with strange Evil writing on it. Eiger bashed it in good. Several Zombies were behind the door and came out swinging right into a Eiger and Devon meat grinder. Zombies grind up good, ja!

There was a second door that needed bashing and Eiger was up to the challenge! In that room was a Sarcophagus with more profane writing. As some of the party entered, they were overcome with great fear and loathing. Just as that happened, 3 Ghouls dropped from the ceiling and attacked!
The two forces engaged in a Deadly and Delicate Dance of Death!! Eventually the party won out with suprisingly little damage or paralysis.

The only items of value were found in the Sarcophagus. There was a pouch containing 50 Platinum Pieces, a small vial and a scroll of Comprehend Languages.


Garavon’s Personal Adventure Journal, Entry 3 (written in a mix of Druidic and Sylvan)
Friend Eiger assembled an expedition back into Cradle Wood to continue our search for the Lost Temple rumored to be in the area. Zorn and Zed, Drogosh, Eiger and Rynor and myself ventured out on what could have been such a pleasant trek through the woods in this Autumn season. But, seemingly as a constant reminder of just how dangerous this frontier land can be, a few miles into the forest, we accidentally ambushed a group of loggers. Zorn, a little quick on the draw, threw one of his spears at them and nearly killed one of the loggers before we realized our mistake. Luckily, with a bit of magical healing (and a small bribe), the matter was resolved. In talking with the loggers, we discovered they knew of the general area of the temple, and we were given our biggest break in this matter so far: a rough set of directions to the temple. Onward we went, confident now that we were not merely wandering aimlessly (though, wandering these woods aimlessly and safely is what I someday hope to accomplish by all this adventuring). Never safe in our travels, we met resistance from a wandering band of orcs before we found the temple. We fought valiantly, but we were simply outmatched by the orcs and suffered heavy casualties. Throughout the battle, Drogosh, Zorn, and Zed all fell. Eiger, Rynor and I continued to fight and through a bit of skill and a lot of luck, we managed to fell the last of the orcs. Once the battle was over, I was in time to stabilize Zorn, but sadly, there was nothing I could do for either Drogosh or Zed. Saddened by the loss of our companions, we decided to return to Blackmire with their bodies so they could receive a proper burial. While in town, we sold the gear we took from the orcs. While they may be bloodthirsty ruffians, and maybe even because they are, they do understand how to maintain their weapons and armor, so we were able to get a fair price for their gear. Eiger recruited another adventurer to join us, a young human by the name of Devon, who is nearly as large as Eiger. It is unbelievable how large humans can be.

The following day, our newly formed party traveled with Zorn out into the woods to perform the Sacred Ritual of Communing to have Nature bestow its new envoy unto Zorn. The ritual, which I have thankfully only had to perform once on my own behalf, is always a time of sadness in our requiem for all things passing, and a time of joy for the celebration of all things birthed anew in the neverending cycle of Nature. A dog named Yavin came to Zorn and we were back on our quest to find this lost temple. It seemed as if Nature was finally smiling on us because we followed the directions we received from the loggers and finally found this temple Eiger has been so eager to see. It had definitely seen better days. It had a few pillars that were crumbled, but to its architect’s credit, the struture still stands after these many years. The area practically reeked of foul magic; even the wildlife could sense it and wouldn’t come near it. The foliage for a long distance from the temple had all died. I have never in all my travels seen this sort of wanton distruction of Nature. Upon closer inspection of the temple, we found that it had been commandeered by some evil religion in their dark rituals and sacrifices. While not a particularly religious man myself, I still hate to see such beautiful architecture defiled as this temple was. We discovered ancient writings on the temple. It is a shame that I could not read it. I may need to see about learning this language if I am to be exploring the ruins of this area. A larger-than-normal snake attacked as we were going to descend the stairs of the temple. It seems that its sensibilities did not preclude it from making this foul place its home, which may say something about the general sensibility of snakes. In the bottom of the temple, we found a room which has clearly been used by all manner of brute. A sturdy wooden door with more of the ancient writing stood between us and the next room. It is a shame that we were forced to break it down before the writing could be translated. I shall have to bring some parchment with me next time to capture the inscriptions. On the other side of the door was a large group of zombies, but Eiger and Devon made short work of them using superior tactics to funnel the zombies to their blades one at a time. As much as I thought the magic of this place was repugnant, it was nothing compared to the smell in the room the zombies emerged from. Across the room was yet another sturdy wooden door with more writing, which we once again were forced to sunder. The room itself was full of an evil presence. Just walking in to the room sent a chill down my spine, but my Elven mind quickly calmed my body. Unfortunately, we were ambushed by a group of ghouls previously affixed to the ceiling. We made short work of them and while everyone else cleared out of the room, Devon and I, being the two of stoutest mental resolve, opened the large sarcophogus at the far side of the room. We found a good deal of treasure (50 platinum pieces, which is more money than I’ve ever seen or held in my entire life). A much more peaceful journey brought us back to town with new stories and new wealth.


Drogosh’s perspective:

Eiger organized another attempt to find the lost temple in the Cradle Wood. This time it was just the four or us, Eiger, the two Druids and myself. We started out at dawn, and headed into Cradle Wood. After marching for several miles, we heard some humanoids approaching, and Zorn let loose with one of his spears, only to discover that we had just ambushed a party of woodsmen. I quickly went over and healed the poor fellow and apologized for the tragic mistake. Eiger and Zorn questioned him, and got directions for the lost temple, not very lost if every woodsman knows where it is, and we headed in that direction. I will finish writing this entry once we get to the temple…


Devon was sitting in the Wager having his dinner, when a group of adventurers returned from the Cradle Wood. Apparently their party was attacked by Orcs, and only barely survived, although apparently one of their party did not make it. Seeing as they needed some help, I offered to join them on their next foray into the wood. We headed out and had no problems finding the temple, I am not really sure why it took them so long to find it. We began investigating the temple entrance when Eiger was attacked by a snake. We quickly dispatched the serpent and I led the way down the steps. This room was empty, and only had one door. I tried several times to force the door, but had no luck, so Eiger smashed it to pieces with his flail. As soon as the door broke open, we were attacked by several Zombies. Eiger and I created a killing field in front of the door, and quickly did the Zombies in. We moved into the next room and Eiger smashed open the next door. The room was empty but for a sarcophagus, so I went in to search it. I felt a slight uneasiness in the room, but shook it off. Just as I was inspecting the sarcophagus, three ghouls appeared and attacked us. With a little maneuvering and luck, we were able to defeat these monsters without suffering any permanent damage. We finished searching and headed back to Blackmire


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