Blackmire Marches

More Prisoners

Abdullah’s Journal:

We gathered some supplies and beasts of burden and headed back to the mine. The place had been ransacked badly. We first checked the secret passage, which only ended up being an escape tunnel to the surface.

We found the storage room still intact and the silver and copper safe and secure. We then headed down to the next level and found some prisoners behind a locked door. The lock was incredibly complex, I was shocked to find such quality in a lowly mine filled with hobgoblins. I was proud to have overcome it. The prisoners told us the remaining hobgoblins were down in the castellan’s room, so we headed there to kill them.

Opening the door was a tightly packed throng of goblins, hobgoblins, a few lizardmen, and the castellan Hrulgrick. A hail of javelins and arrows greeted us and I was knicked by Hrulgrick’s javelin.

Khalid & I immediately advanced together and engaged the front line of enemies. We killed several of that line, then moved into a flanking position on Hrulgrick. I was able to inflict a painful wound to the back of his knee, just inside the armor grieve. Bila was busy healing and Weylyn used a flaming sword to great effect. Tarmon kept getting pelted by arrows and was not of much use.

Khalid landed two heavy blows with his shortswords, and created just enough of an opening that I was able to land a killing blow to the kidney. It was quite satisfying. Apparently the castellan had a lover, for as he fell a scream of anguish erupted from another hobgoblin who revealed himself from a side room. I guess these fellows have been away from women for too long …

We cleaned up the rest of the ruthless buggers and commenced looting!



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