Blackmire Marches

Newbies to the Warrens

Abdullah’s Journal:

A noble knight named Sir Jorah Mormont led a group of new Blackmire Adventurers into the Goblins Warrens. Included in the group were two middle-easterners, Khalid and Abdullah, a beautiful rangeress named Aria and the sneaky halfling Slayde.

We entered through the Monastery courtyard again and traveled through the tunnels until finding a mountain lion lair. We quickly dispatched the poor beast, though Sir Jorah was wounded badly. Searching the lair we found a fine flail and some gold. Given that we had no healers, we headed back to town.

After selling the loot and buying healing potions from the local temple, we headed back to the mountain lion cave to continue our exploration of the warrens. We promptly ran into a clutch of goblins when coming around a corner and killed most of them before the rest fled. We then found an arched-entrance to chamber made of worked stone that contained carved symbols of Mythos.

Another crew of goblins led by a shaman were in this room and when we moved into attack two goblins ran up and smacked me in the head. The world went black …

I awoke a little later as Khalid poured a healing potion down my throat and Slayde showed up saying that the rest of the party had been killed.


Daily Meditations of Khalid ibn Shaitain:

Effendi said we should join with a group of adventurers to try and find money so that we can eat. We traveled with them over a large river. I made sure to stay in the middle of the bridge lest I fall to my death. Seeing so much water made my head spin.

The place we went is called a Moor. It is cold and damp and the sun is so weak there. There was an old place there. A place where humans used to worship but do not anymore. We went in there and into a tunnel underground. I felt at home there which saddens me.

We followed the human who talked too much about nothing. I made sure to keep a watchful eye on Effendi, he is so little and weak.

A starving Lion attacked us and we had to kill it. I remember the Lion I killed in my homeland to make me a man. This one was much smaller though. The talky-man was hurt and so we went back to the town to rest.

When we came back we found another old place of worship, but this one was full of Goblins. We killed some but they are like rats. Effendi was struck down along with the woman. My sacred duty is to protect Effendi so I picked him up and ran, the Goblins cut me as I did so.

I was able to escape and give Effendi a potion to revive him. The little man made it out as well. He is very sneaky and would have done well with the gutter urchins back home. Maybe next time less people will die.

Newbies to the Warrens

Slayde’s Journal:
Seeing a lot of new faces in The Winning Wager. I joined up with a new group for a trek back under the monastery. This included a couple of swordsmen, Khalid and Abdullah, that might as well have been attached at the hip. This town is full of the over-sized, but Khalid takes the cake, tallest I ever saw in town and he kept calling the other one pet names like efutti. The other two were Jorah, a new paladin and Aria, a rangeress; didn’t get to know them too well.

After a hike, we ended up in the monastery tunnels. We killed a lion and found some nice loot left by some poor suckers the cat had mauled. Jorah has some nasty bites taken out of him so we headed back to town for the clerics to patch him up.

The party headed back to the tunnels and came upon goblins which we thrashed until they retreated. We continued on until we passed under an ornate stone arched entrance and found a room full of even more goblins. A spellcasting goblin caused Khalid to cower in fear. Jorah impulsively ran in a killed the caster to release the grip of fear on Jorah. We all fought, but the battle was not going our way. I couldn’t get in any backstabs since I had no way of flanking the mass of foes. Abdullah and Aria were both cracked in the head and fell down. A wounded Khalid grabbed Abdullah and fled, abandoning the party and leaving myself and Jorah to try and rescue Aria.

Unfortunately Jorah was jumped and slain by even more nearby goblins and unable to reach the fallen Aria I had to hide and sneak back to meet up with the two other survivors of the goblin battle.

Newbies to the Warrens

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