Blackmire Marches

Orc Mountain - Level 1: COMPLETE

Zeke and I crossed the bridge to join the rest of the party. As we entered the next cavern, two humans started shouting at us. Investigating, we found two malnourished humans penned up, a logger named Sven and rogue called Heath. Being as the door was made of wood and several of us were carrying axes, it didn’t stand in our way too long. There were also several stacks of crates that were full of mundane goods.

I asked Sven about the Orcs that captured them and he was able to identify two of them: Great Olf and a wizened female shaman. Heath joined us to exact revenge and we follow the trail of blood. Still greatly wounded we kill Great Olf, along with his two pet wolves and two Orcs.

As I moved up to examine a dwarven statue, it’s mouth opened and sprayed me. At first I thought I was all right, but a minute later I started feeling woozy and weak. We moved into what appeared to be a sleeping chamber with a lone Orc. Before I could run up and engage him challenged us to single combat. In exchange, if we won he’d tell us the secret of this place. I don’t know why the party believed him, or even wanted to give him a clean death. I mean he is an ORC! Anyhoo, I guess it was all the same because Eiger showed him who was the boss. With his dying breath, he did tell us about a secret passage way into the Ura’s lair.

We continued methodically investigating until we found a well, the landmark to the secret passageway. Following through the narrow hall, Orshar burst through the door. Unfortunately, she took the blunt of the damage. The flaming Orshar grappled the shaman to the ground, preventing the big bad from casting any spells. Her two companions didn’t give much resistance and now all three are dead.

Curious as to what was so bad about the main passageway in, we left via the main door. The stirges that beset us were definitely unpleasant, but nothing to be scared of.


Heath Olian arrived at Blackmire about 2 weeks ago. Unfortunately, he is not a great woodsman. He was a few miles from town when it started getting dark. He knew he was close, so decided to just keep going. Some how he wandered off the road and walked right pass the town. He crossed the bridge over the Blackmire river, and assumed he was about to enter town. Heath got completely turned around and was halfway to the Cradle Wood when he was attacked by a band of Orcs.

Heath awoke with a throbbing head to discover he was in yet another cell, only this one was inside the Orc stronghold. There was one other prisoner there, a halfling named Nellor. Later that day another prisoner was brought in, a logger named Sven. Nellor was taken away by the Orcs, to be roasted over a fire and eaten by Great Ulfe and the tribe. Five days passed by with repeated beatings by the Orcs or their Ogre leader, with no hope in site. Wait, is that the sound of fighting I hear…?

Praise to Olidammara, a group of adventurers are attacking the caves! May freedom came in the form of two smelly Dwarves, well, prisoners can’t be choosers. They hacked down the door, and let Sven and I free. I scoured the cave and put together some equipment, and offered to join the party to exact some revenge.

We set off, and quickly found Great Olf behind a locked door which I skillfully unlocked. A quick melee later, and Olf and his guards were dead. We went to the next room and one of the Dwarves set off a gas trap. I could tell by the clicking the statue was making that the trap was slowly rearming itself. We quickly slipped into the room to find an older Orc who spoke common. He offered to tell us some secrets of the caves in exchange for the honor of personal combat.

The leader of the party, a man named Eiger, took the challenge and quickly dispatched the old Orc, who told us how to find the old hag. We followed his directions and I found a secret door which led to her quarters. The female Dwarf opened the door and was consumed by fire. In a rage she ran into the room and tackled the shaman. The rest of us quickly dispatched her and her attendees.

We went through the other door and found a large cavern with steps leading down. We moved into the room and were attacked by stirges. Once they were all dead, we decided to head back to town.

Once back in town, I decided to go around and buy some replacement equipment for what I had lost.

Orc Mountain - Level 1: COMPLETE

Zeke’s Journal:
We continued our assault on the orc hideout. The next task was crossing the crummy bridge, which is a disgrace to the rest of the stronghold’s dwarven engineering.

I buckled myself into rope strung across the rope bride and carefully headed across. Half way along, I lost my balance and nearly plunged, but managed at the last moment to catch myself. I continued on to the other side, past the blood spattered wall and the two halves of Devon Ravenhall.

We came upon a stash of goods the Orcs had been hording, along with a couple prisoners: yet another human and a halfling . The human joined us in continuing the hunt for the giant that split Ravenhall and a magic wielding orc. We killed the giant and his posse, found a poison statue, and Eiger managed to kill an elderly orc who pointed us in the direction of the remaining orc combatant that had fled from us.

The magic orc set Orshar on fire as we headed in to battle her minions. Orshar in retribution for being set aflame wrestled the lady orc, and allowed me a clear shot to clock it in the head, eliminating the last of the level’s orcs.

Orc Mountain - Level 1: COMPLETE

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