Blackmire Marches

Orcs and coins or Dogs and more dogs

Melody makes the following points known around Blackmire:

- There are still far too many wild, hungry dogs in the Craddle Wood

- Orcs are fortifying and expanding the old Bandit Hideout in hex 76.25 and probably need dealt with, especially so close to Blackmire. Be aware that there are pit traps around the perimeter of the fort. She personally informs Bronson repeatedly of the traps in case he ever heads there ;-).

- Attempts to diplomatically get information about the Helvetii coins from the orcs, especially those in hex 76.25, will likely not work now that she’s already tried and failed.

Feeling more introspective, Melody forgoes any type of poetry or song and merely records the following for herself:

There’s one question that continues to perplex me, what is it about adventuring that brings people to risk their life time after time. Sure the reason is different for each person, but in each case I’m always curious. And here I am, doing it each time myself. Death has been too close too often, yet I keep stepping outside of Blackmire as if I think myself invincible. And why do I do it? Sure you can write better stories if you’re there yourself, but you live longer if you collect them from the adventurers as they return to the Winning Wager. So while I tell myself it’s for the stories, perhaps it’s not that at all.

One thing that I am certain of is that I have a growing hatred (more like fear, but we’ll mask it as hatred) of dogs. That’s twice now that wild dogs could have easily caused my death.

Conversing with the orcs was fascinating. And perhaps there’s something from that encounter that reveals what it is about adventuring that keeps drawing me back out of the safety of Blackmire’s gates. Negotiations fell appart and the orc lieutenant shouted to the other orcs, “Kill them all. Except for her, she goes under the knife to see what she knows.” Instead of being afraid, I was excited by the thrill of it all. Of course it helped that I had that invisibility potion ready and knew my chances of making it out of there were good. Perhaps there is something to living the adventures that can’t be duplicated in words. I want to experience it, not just to record it, but to live it.

Of course, to keep living through these experiences, I do need to continue to develop a more healthy degree of caution. The Blackmire graveyard is full enough as it is, and I must always remember that. There’s little that you can experience once you’re in the gut of a wild dog…


Isidren bar Turion
Personal Log : Blackmire Year 1st, Month 1st, Week 4th

On the fourth week of my first month here in Blackmire, I joined an expedition lead by the bard Melody to seek out some orcs and diplomatically ask them for information. I believe this was a foolhardy endeavour but joined nonetheless under the assumption that

Gods damnit!….

It was the fourth week of my first month here in Blackmire when I joined an expedition led by Melody to gather information about the mysterious silver coins we found by asking some orcs


With a frustrated growl, Isidren slammed his fist into the table, spilling some of the expensive ink he uses for writing and started pacing the room. He had not come out of his rented accommodation in the Winning Wager ever since he came back from the orcish expedition and had only interacted with the inn staff when having his meals delivered or for when housekeeping was needed. His foul mood seems to have infected his new guard dog , Panzer , as the animal can’t seem to decide whether it wanted to sit, stand or follow his master around. Orev on the other hand was perched by the window, eyeing his master silently.

“Don’t give me that look you blasted bird, you know I can read your mind!”

“Just to remind you, our link is empathic, not telepathic.”

Replied the bird flatly, sharing his masters foul mood.

“It’s been so long since I’ve felt powerless Orev. I swore long ago that never would I again feel helpless, but being dragged by those dogs! Had the bard not managed to hypnotize the beasts, I would be a pile of dog waste somewhere in the wilderness by now!”

And I’ll either be there with you or return to being a dumb animal.
Thought Orev grimly

Isidren slammed his fist into the wall and ignored the pain building in his hand.

“And if that wasn’t enough, I had to run from orcs! The dull savages could not even divine the necessity of regular bathing and I had to run from them! For shame!”

The sorcerer continued his pacing and ranting, cursing orcs and wild dogs and his sibling’s who keep on lording over him because he was a bastard and the occasional servant who gave him lip for the same reason. When he was finally exhausted, he went to the window where his familiar was perched, leaned on his elbows and gazed at the town below.

Before long, Isidren continued talking, but in a tone more sad than tired.

“But the worst part was when Melody told me she would have left me with the orcs had I been caught by those ugly bastards.”


“I can’t really fault her. It was my error for being too complacent, having merely two successful expeditions go into my head. This is Blackmire after all, either you survive and thrive or end up on the graveyard or worse, as a pile of dog waste.”

As one, master and familiar felt their resolve return and strengthen.

I will not end with an ignominious epitaph, I will reach for greatness and power to awe those who dare humiliate me!

“We will have a reckoning with the orcs. One of these days we will return to their so called fort and take the information about the mysterious silver from their broken bodies and drive them back to whatever foul hole they came from…”

Having restored his resolve and confidence, Isidren went down into the common room to fetch a mug of ale and some meat before returning to his room to continue writing in his journal. As he did all this he was wearing his usual bright and calculating smile.

Isidren bar Turion
Personal Log : Blackmire Year 1st, Month 1st, Week 4th

Party Members: Isidren, Melody, Hurmore and Olaf

We were on an expedition to gather information from orcs about the mysterious silver coins we have previously discovered when we were ambushed by a pack of wild dogs near Cradle Wood. We were able to fend of the dogs but I sustained major injuries which prompted us to return to town. The next day, we once again set out and arrived at the orc’s encampment without incident. There, Melody attempted to talk to the orcs and gather information but as predicted, the uncouth savages immediately turned hostile and attacked our group. We made a hasty retreat while defending ourselves, killing some of the orc’s and their dogs in the process. I plan on returning to their camp with a stronger and better prepared party as soon as possible and take the information about the coins by force. And if in the process we slay a lot of them, then all the better.


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