Blackmire Marches

Pike Forest Raid

Dear Mother and Father,

I have spent the last several months pouring over the etchings from the Obelisk, and was real close to figuring it out, but I hit a wall in my research. I tried looking at it from every angle, and just couldn’t find that missing piece. So it was with great enthusiasm that I joined up with Eiger on an expedition to search for some lost magic items. Hopefully the distraction would be good for me.

Eiger enlisted Ebban and Tarman and hired Hurmore and Olaf to round out our force. We took the impressive folding boat and headed up the Blackmire River. The day passed uneventfully, then just before dusk, we saw a wooden watchtower in the distance. We brought the boat in closer, and saw several guards around the tower. As we approached the river bank, the archers fired a couple of ranging shots, so we landed, and after some preparatory spells, we rushed the tower.

It appeared that these people had some slaves with them, and sent one running off to the West. Tarmon summoned a Griffon to stop the messenger, but an enemy Cleric did something to it, and it flew away. As I neared the tower, I sent a Flaming Sphere to distract the Archers, and started shooting Magic Missiles to cut them down. Hurmore and his dogs engaged on guard to the south of the tower, and Eiger and Ebban moved to the north and threw themselves on several guards there.

Tarmon healed me a few times as I drew the attention of the enemy archers, and Hurmore was being forced back. I was able to finish of the archers, and sent a few magical bolts at the guard fighting Hurmore, and he tried to run away, but Tarmon cast a spell and held him in place.

On the other side of the battle, things look touch and go for a moment, then Ebban just laid into the enemy and cut down their Cleric. The remaining guard surrendered, but refused to talk, so we went to talk to the slaves. One of them was a logger from Blackmire, and he told us one of the slaves was sent to the main camp for help, and also alerted another tower to the west of our presence. It was getting darker, so we decided to take out the other tower before reinforcements could arrive.

This battle was over almost as soon as it started. I put one of the archers to sleep and Eiger and Ebban cut down several of the guards, with the rest surrendering. With our prisoners in the hold, to be turned over to the loggers guild, we burned their towers, bridge and piers, and took their boat with us back to Blackmire.

On the way back it hit me! The final piece to the ritual! I know I can use that Obelisk! Now to put together an expedition.


Much preparing and planning went into this excursion. I loaded up with several special items as well as buying my own Warhorse for the journey. The initial journey passed quite smoothly as we sailed the river. Arriving late in the evening, we set up camp a short stint from the river. On beaching our boat, a cadre of well armed tower guards attack us without any provocation. I’m quickly outpaced and my summoned minion averted. I feel like I spend most of the fight running towards the fight. To get a better range on the fight, I use a scroll of Magic Missile on a Tower Archer. It’s really no fight and we dispatch all the guards plus the cleric, leaving only a singe prisoner. All of them wear the same badge that we rip off their tunics.

The captured followers of Nerull do not have much to say. But we do recognize one of the slaves as a Blackmire Logger. He informs us that there is another guard tower to the west and a significant camp to the north. Both have been alerted to our presence. We quickly move in our boat to the western tower to try to eliminate that threat. Which is easily accomplished. The prisoners we take back with us to face the justice of the logger’s guild.

Pike Forest Raid

Finally, a chance to explore another new region. We had traveled through the Pike Forest before on the way to the Monastery of no treasure and creatures with supernatural powers, but had not stopped long enough to explore. Armed with rumors of a dead Dwarven Druid (is there any better kind?) and many magical items lost to time, I organized some of the old hands in Blackmire. Tarmon, Alfonsus and Ebban joined with me and some hired retainers, including Hurmore.

We took the folding boat with plans of riding through the wilderness. We were stopped however by a group damming the river and building watch towers. We slowed to judge their intent and were rewarded with arrows shot at us in anger. Judging that we could tactically outmaneuver the guards we systematically cut them down. It appears they are worshippers of a Death God. After freeing some slaves and learning that a large camp had been alerted to our presence, we fired the towers, pier and bridge and stole their Skiff, returning to Blackmire with a decent chest of coins as well.

Pike Forest Raid

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