Blackmire Marches

Temple of Mithras

Khalid and I led an excursion back to the underground Temple of Mithras accompanied Weylyn, Orashar the dwarf and a new fellow named Tarmon (a healer). We again entered through the mountain lion cave and noted a lack of hit & run attacks by the goblins this time. This only made us feel nervous …

We discovered a pair of wolf riders, one charged and one fled. Dependable, fierce Khalid killed both rider and mount but took a small bite wound to the arm. We moved out at a trot and found a warg rider with several wolf riders.

A terrific battle ensued where Khalid, Orshar, and Abdullah were all nearly killed. Only Orshar and Khalid’s deadly blades saved the day. We stripped the bodies and fled back to Blackmire.

Two days later we headed back and quickly dispatched two wolf riders before penetrating the archway room leading into the Temple of Mystra. Many goblins were encountered and slaughtered. Hearing the sounds of more goblin spawn in the nearby chambers, we pursued and killed more. Orshar ran into a room by herself, so intent on killing goblins was she.

We pursued goblins into a huge feasting hall with carved stone tables coming out of the floor. Symbols of Mithras abounded. An enormous battle ensued with a horde of goblins lead by a shaman attacked us. Khalid used his new magical cloak to summon war dogs that turned the tide of the battle after the shaman afeared Orshar and she fled.

Just when it looked like we might win, a new swarm of goblins led by the magic javelin wielding goblin. This fellow was incredibly tough as additional swarms of goblins came at us. Ducking & weaving we managed to kill everybody, but all agreed the Dungeon Gods (ie DM) was very evil…



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