Blackmire Marches

Temple of Mythos Purged

I decided to follow along with a group of adventurers to see what secrets I could find buried in an underground temple to Mythos. Most of them were pretty well seasoned, so I felt safe in their company. They led us to a hidden entrance into a hive of goblins, they affectionately refer to as the Goblin Warrens. After only a few minutes exploring the lightless depths, I find out why it is so called. We encounter the first of what will turn out to be many Goblins. This one scampers off while his pet wolf attacked us. My new allies acquitted themselves quite well, with no need of Boccob’s healing fire.

We continued a short way down the corridor and come head to head with 4 more goblins each riding a huge wolf! Its a touch and go, and luckily we had Boccob on our side to bolster our fighters. Abdullah started calling for a slow retreat, but shortly after the fiercest looking goblin warrior fell. That was all it took to inspire the rest of my companions to mop up the rest. Our wounds were great, far beyond my meager ability to remedy, so we headed back with our loot to Blackmire to see what we got and to treat the worst injuries. Apart from several coins, which are always welcome, we found several arcane scrolls. It just made my day to be able to recover such treasures from the dark caves and goblins that would not use such of Boccob’s Blessings.

With an extra day to rest, myself and our trusty druid are able to cure all of the parties wounds. I also took the opportunity to expand my resources using my new found wealth by several scrolls and potions.

We are faced with a goblin and wolf. The goblin goes to get help and we kill the wolf.

We have a tough time of killing 4 wolves, goblins, and an elite called Yargloo. WE almost retreat but succeed. We grab the stuff that includes two small chests and head back to Blackmire.

With a fresh start into the warrens, we are greeted this time by two Goblins riding wolves. I do sure hope this growth pattern does not continue. We make our way through them and finally, finally two the entrance of the great temple. Ahh, how I’d love just a few moments to study such architecture and ponder why such a temple is built so far underground. As we strategically moved into the temple forefront, I did have a couple seconds to realize my companions made a critical mistake. I could see how the uneducated to make such a mistake on the translation above the archway, but this was clearly not a temple to Mythos, but to Mithras a deity common to this region. Hopefully we have not drawn any Divine ill-will.
On the way back in we see the glowing eyes from two wolves being ridden by two goblins.

The first room and the two side rooms were so easily cleared out. We were all on a high as we entered the great feasting hall. However this is were the majority of the goblins were sequestered. Waves and waves of goblins come in from the back rooms and we aren’t given any rest. I depleted all my reserves of magic, including all the scrolls and potions I purchased. With a grizzled veteran leading the goblin defense I thought for sure my first delving would be my last. Even now I do not know how we survived, but in the end no goblins were left and this temple was clear. Perhaps there may be some followers of Mithras that take up in this temple, but I do not envy them.


Weylyn’s journal:
Down to my last piece of coin, I was in dire need of some income. Abdullah and Khalid asked for more volunteers for a return to the Goblins Warrens. I joined them along with two others. The first was a wet behind the ears human cleric of Boccob named Tarmon. The other was an experienced raging dwarf by the name of Orshar. Before heading out I grabbed some more berries.

The travel to the goblin lair was uneventful. Once inside we fought a slew of goblins who were also riding wolves. The front line fought hand-to-hand combat them while I assisted with javelins. I attempted to reason with one of the wolves, but inadvertently insulted it instead. While I have grasped the wolf language, I still need to learn more about their etiquette. When the battle was complete we gathered some treasure and headed back to town to heal our wounds and buy supplies for a return trip in a few days.

Travel was smooth as we entered the Goblins Warrens again. We fought our way through a small pack of goblins to the Mithras temple where we unfortunately found a massive amount of angry goblins. We battled valiantly, striking down wave after wave. Khalid summoned a pair of war dogs to assist in the overwhelming numbers. I managed to survive despite being hit with a few too many javelins. My trusty companion did himself proud taking down many attackers. Once we had survived the threat we searched the temple and found a nice amount of gold, treasure and scrolls. Unfortunately there was no signs of the remains of Abdullah and Khalid’s two fallen allies. Perhaps we will return another time to search more thoroughly.

Temple of Mythos Purged

For several days after returning from the Temple of Mithras, Khalid is seen to be wandering around Blackmire, obviously deep in what passes for thought for a Half-Orc. He ignores any attempts at conversation politely and continues to wander with his head down in thought.

Finally he emerges from his room without his customary Greatsword. Instead he is wearing an old fashioned Shortsword that looks quite like a metal toothpick in his big meaty hands. His countenance, however, is most serene.

Temple of Mythos Purged

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