Blackmire Marches

The Boar Goes Down!

Wow, my first foray. I can’t wait. This should be so fun. Heading out, we find the scat of a large boar. Who knew that shit could be so useful. From there we were able to pick up his tracks and follow him deeper into the Cradle Woods.

Though as we were hunting the boar, giant mosquitos decided to hunt us. Boy that really sucked! Haha, I kill me. Well, luckily not. They were actually pretty wimpy, but I felt woozy for hours. One thing to keep in mind when you’re splatting giant mosquitos is it leaves a lot of blood. To follow up, boars are omnivores are drawn to mass amounts of blood.

Crashing through the brush on the heels of the stirge attack, came the boar. I wisely gained the safety in a tree. The boar really made his feelings known of what he thought about the party, putting out massive damage, especially to the druid and his dog. I guess we wounded it pretty severely, because the boar decided to flee. The druids brilliant entangle slows up the boar while the party managed to hit him with some parting shots and killing it. I know I should feel sorry for killing of nature’s animal. But sometimes, such monsters beasts must be culled to allow others to survive.

Dragging the huge carcass back with us, we were definitely the toast of the town. Hopefully my new companions can get what they needed for their assault. I wish them the best of luck, but sounds like a suicide to me.


Devon’s perspective:

We are going out on an expedition to hunt Rufus the Dire Boar. Orshar aquired the assistance of a new Ranger in town to help track the Boar. The new ranger was able to quickly find Rufus’ trail of debris and scat, and before long we came across some fresh dung, so we knew we were very close.

Just as we were preparing to form up into position, we were ambushed by a flock of Sturgis’. Eiger skewered three of them as they swooped in. I moved in and speared one that was feeding on Garavon. It was a short, but bloody battle. Just as we were checking our wounds, Rufus came charging out of the woods.

Rufus charged Garavon and dealt some serious damage. I maneuvered around the boar to attack its flanks. I speared it several times, and our ranged fighters stuck him several times.

The boar was in serious condition, and tried to run away. I managed to stab him one more time, and Garavon caught him up in an entangle. Izeo stepped up, took a bead, and fired an arrow right into the base of his skull.
Down Rufus went!

We hauled the carcase back to town, and threw a big party for everyone.

The Boar Goes Down!

Garavon’s Personal Adventure Journal, Entry 7 (written in a mix of Druidic and Sylvan)
Today was a great victory in our expedition of this wilderness: we finally killed the dire boar Rufus who has been terrorizing the area. Orshar, Eiger, Devon, Zeke, Izeo, and myself all went out on a hunt. A great victory has been won in making this area safer. It was a brutal hunt though. Tracking the beast was no issue, but we stumbled upon a group of stirges which were a serious hazard. The tiny little bugs came up and sucked the blood from right out of our necks. We handily dealt with them, but not before we lost a good bit of blood. (Un)Fortunately, as soon as the stirges flew off, Rufus crashed through the woods right into us. It apparently was attracted to the scent of our blood that was spilled from the stirges. After Rynor and myself took heavy damage, a few well placed arrows from our friends and a few lucky hits later, the boar took off through the woods away from us. I again called on Nature to aid us and Rufus was entangled and was slowed enough for us to catch him and finally bring him down. We dragged the boar back to town using Eiger’s mule, Brigid, and threw a party that the entire town (minus the fussy Zincaryn) attended and enjoyed. We recounted the story of our hunt a few times and dined well on boar meat. We traded the tusks to Zincaryn for some items to help us assault the dwarven stronghold, hopefully a wand of cure light wounds and a couple scrolls of knock. Only time will tell with that silly college of magic.

The Boar Goes Down!

At the boar feast, Izeo spends some time telling folks about how he brought the beast down. Imagine my surprise when the beast began to flee. My companions broke out into a dead run to keep it in sight. I knew that I would not be able to keep the pace, I mean, I was wearing my scale armor. There was no way. So, I moved forward to a point where I could see the fleeing beast and waited for my moment. I could feel the moment, it was like my bow was asking me to let the arrow fly. So, I did…and the arrow struck true. And, here we are enjoying this great feast!

I’m just glad that we were successful. I’m very fortunate to have met up with Orshar on her expedition.

More ale!!!!

The Boar Goes Down!

Well, last night’s adventure after the boar went well. Better in fact than many of our recent excursions, probably because nobody turned tail and fled this time! The adventurers in this town sure do have some varied skills, but it all seems to be working out well…except for all the fleeing. Though I must admit it’s been warranted at times.

Oh well, back to last night, the tracking type people (ranger and druid w/dog) did a great job of leading us on the trail of the Rufus. Unfortunately that trail led us through a group of stirges. Not a serious threat, but certainly a nuisance. I did notice during the fight how effective Eiger’s spiked gauntlets were at smashing stirges…I gotta remember to pick me up a pair of them! At the end of the fight we were blood soaked (mostly with our own blood fresh from the stirge’s bellies!) and feeling a little week from blood loss. Rufus found the smell of our blood interesting enough to come charging through the woods after it and us.

Rufus was ceratinly an intimidating foe and would have been a lethal foe with a smaller group, but with the seven of us, he didn’t really have a chance. We quickly enough managed to bring him down and brought him back to town for a feast. I think we have it in pretty good with most of the town now.

We’re in negotiations with the Zincaryn for the boar tusks, but so far I’m liking what he’s offered. Though, I’m a barbarian, what do I know of such things, he could have handed me a bottle and said, here, this will make you able to float into the air or here, this one will let you climb walls like a spider, and I’d have probably believed him. Hah, as if such things are possible! Wait, are they? Huh, I really should leave this type of stuff to somebody else…just show me an orc and I’ll cut off his stinking head!

The Boar Goes Down!

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