Blackmire Marches

The Tin Mine Beckons Again

Who will die this time?

A group of hardy adventurers again headed to the Tin Mine, not so much out of a desire to recover the bodies of their fallen brethren, but out of a sense that the goblins are winning. A serious bunch, led by a surly dwarf named Ebben Goblinslayer of the Goblinslayer clan, well rounded with capable warriors Devon and Darem, battle sorceress Serena, and a quick footed halfing cleric named Bila, set out again. Amazingly, they were able to get down the various mine shafts without injury, a rare occurrence thus far in the Blackmire Marches.

After traveling quite some distance through the natural caverns, we came upon some goblins riding wargs. A stirring battle ensued in which goblins and wargs were slaughtered!

With the dwarves and Devon slaughtering wargs and goblins and the women firing arrows and healing, we made quick work of them. We followed bloody tracks to a narrow rope bridge over a rushing river. Of course, Ebban fell into the raging water and nearly drowned. He lost his father’s Dwarven Waraxe and Devon’s shield and was barely able to keep his head above water. Luckily, Bila tossed him a rope before he drowned and he was able to climb up the slick cliff wall. Thoroughly humiliated and without weapons, Ebban convinced the group to head back to Blackmire.


Off to the mines again! This time we have some better tactics to use, so hopefully we can stay in formation. We head out at dawn and have no problems getting to the mine. We stealthily made our way to the large cavern and this time we did not encounter any goblins on the way. From the first cavern, we had a choice of heading east or west, and since the last group of goblins came from the south, we went that way. We traveled until we came to a fork in the road, and Darem noticed a wolf at the fork. He hurled a javelin with fierce force, and impaled the wolf.

I don’t think the wolf liked that, because him and his rider charged right at us, along with 3 of their friends. Darem and Ebban held the front line, while the rest of us hurled javelins and fired arrows, we killed one of the wolves, but the goblins were proving to be quite difficult to hit. Ebban moved along the cavern wall to make room for me, and I quickly dispatched two goblins, while Darem killed one and Serena got the other. Ebban finished off the last wolf, and we set out to follow the two wounded wolves that got away.

We tracked them to an old rope bridge, and Darem deftly crossed it and took up a defensive position on the other side. Ebban started to cross, and slipped right off into the water down below, with my shield strapped to his back. Luckily I still had his with me.

Bila quickly tied off a rope and threw it to Ebban. In the meantime, Serena started helping me remove my chain shirt. Ebban finally surfaced, and managed to grab the rope. After what seemed like an eternity, he made it far enough up the rope for me to pull him up.

Ebban was very upset about losing his axe and my shield, so we decided to head back to town. After searching the goblins and collecting more mining equipment of course.

On the way back, we passed by a gaseous bog, and Bila inhaled a little too deeply, and was a little sickly for the rest of the trip back to town.

The Tin Mine Beckons Again

Bila’s entry – It was quite an adventure for my first time questing out of Blackmire. Though, you could sum up what I learned as: dwarves are good at killing things, but must have horrible balance. The tin mine was basically empty except for mining gear, but the natural caverns beyond seems to have goblins that ride wolves…and who knows what else. We only encountered the 4 goblins and 4 wolves in the parts of the caverns that we explored. Killed all the goblins, which I consider a victory to rid the world of a few of the nasty creatures, and a few of the wolves. I didn’t seem to do much damage with my javelins, but I was able to heal up the fighters before we moved on.

The real challenge to the group seemed to be not the goblins, but a bridge. Yep, a bridge. The first dwarf slipped his way across the bridge but managed to cross. The second dwarf started off and immediately tumbled into the water. The other fighter decided to strip himself of his armor, presumably to jump in after the dwarf, but it seems that armor doesn’t come off very quickly. I immediately dug out my rope, tied it off to the bridge and tossed it into the underground river while Devon convinced our sorceress to help him strip. It took a little while of yelling before the sinking dwarf heard my cries to grab the rope, but once he did, everything turned out fine.

Out of game: And somehow nobody took the bait and made any BDSM jokes about Serena stripping Devon while Bila prepared her rope…

The Tin Mine Beckons Again

An uneventful trip to and down into the mine we get the drop on goblins riding wolves. After killing half their party they literally turn tail and run.

After Ebban decides to go for a swim, silly dwarf should no he should know better. He loses his weapon and borrowed shield. Unwilling to dwarf up and go hand-to-hand, he begs the party to return to town. On they way back they loot the goblins and wolfs they killed, coming out with two very nice wolf pelts due to the skinning prowess of Darem.

The Tin Mine Beckons Again

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