Blackmire Marches

To the Goblin warrens through the Monastery

Ebban organized another excursion into the Goblin warrens. This time we went in through the new entrance in the Monastery. We went into the cave, and wandered around a while before we came to a small cavern just as a small group of goblins came in from the other side. Ebban and I quickly dispatched the goblins and I chased the ones that got away.

I chased them around a corner, and ran right into a cavern full of goblins. I turned around and joined the rest of the party and we formed a wall to meet them. Ebban Zeke and I gutted goblin after goblin with support from Serena and Hurmore. Once the battle was done, we searched their cave and found some loot.

We then continued down the passage and found ourselves on a ledge overlooking a large cavern with a river running through it. We moved out onto the ledge, and Ebban took stance on the other side and honored the spirits of clan Goblinslayer and killed 4 goblins riding wolves single handily while Zeke and I guarded the ladder leading down into the cavern below that was filling quickly with more goblins.

We took several volleys of javelins and several hit me in some vital spots and I went down. When I came to, Zeke had just healed me, and I went back out onto the ledge to help Ebban. I was no sooner out there, when one of the largest goblins I had ever seen tripped me up and forced me off the ledge! Luckily for me I landed on top of several goblins, and they broke my fall. I could hear continued fighting above me, but all of my concentration was on the matter at hand.

I backed up the edge of the cavern and deftly block all of the goblins attacks on me for a little while, then they swarmed over me and tried to drag me down. I managed to knock off most of them, but a few hung on. A couple more grabbed a hold and started dragging me away. There is no way a few goblins are going to drag me off, I will through us all in the river first. Just as we got to the bridge, I drew upon all of my strength and energy, and threw all of the goblins off of me.

The rest of the goblins scattered, and we were victorious! I rejoined my companions, and we headed back to town.



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