Blackmire Marches

Vault of Kings: In search of the entrance

Ebban’s Journal:

I wanted to head back to the Wyvern Pass in order to find an entrance to the Vault of Kings. I hired Olaf again and the rest of the crew (Zeke, Bila, Darem, Serena, Hurmore, Quintus) headed out with me. It took most of the day to get back to the road in the Wyvern Pass so we made camp. Amazingly, the night passed uneventfully as well.

The next morning we headed out again and spotted a large flying creature off in the distance we wanted to go. It disappeared from view after a short while. We then found an entrance to an underground complex, but was it THE entrance?

Approaching the entrance, we heard the enraged sounds of a huge beast throwing a fit. It turned out to be an enormous, ugly, warty green troll! The giant creature had trouble squeezing through the narrow entrance, so Serena was able to blast it with several burning rays of fire. The monster hit me with a forceful blow, but as I went to follow him some magical force prevented me from crossing the threshold. Perhaps it was tied to the dwarven rune above the entrance? The dwarves moved in to attack, and I was struck another hard blow but we quickly surrounded him. He kept assaulting me, and I was forced to retreat and then luckily Bila entered and healed me. Finally Darem was able to fell him with an axe blow. I insisted we keep hacking at the beast as I recalled stories from my grandpa that trolls never die. Finally we noticed that Serena’s fire attacks were not healing but the other axe wounds were healing. We set up burning the foul creature.

In this room we found runes indicating this was Khazad-Durn, an outpost for a high dwarven kingdom. Heading up the main passage, we were assaulted by magical acid arrow attacks that Serena said were caused by some sort of Alarm spell. Quintus was badly burned by the acid arrows and forced to heal himself. Darem crawled through the hallway, foolishly thinking he could avoid the trap. As we all rejoined in the next chamber, what appeared to be dwarven undead swarmed in from the north. Bila, calling forth the power of Yondalla, destroyed all but one of them in a most impressive fashion. A blinding light sprang forth from her holy symbol and burned them to dust.

We found a temple of Moradin, and hovering nearby an altar was a priestly ghost performing some rite. We quietly backed out and closed the door.


Quintus joined Ebban on another trek to find the Vault of Kings. It took the better part of a day to get back to the road we had discovered, so we rested for the night. The next morning we found the road and traveled up into the pass. As we traveled, we saw a flying creature with large bat wings. It flew off and we continued on our way. we came to an underground entrance, and could hear the sounds of something large inside. We formed up, and a large, ugly Troll tried to come out at us, but the entrance was small enough it slowed him down.

Ebban stepped up to block him, and Serena blasted him with several bolts of searing energy. The Troll withdrew into the entrance, and the rest of us went to follow. However, there was some sort of magical rune above the entrance, and it took a lot of will to force myself to enter. By the time I made it in, the Troll went down.

Ebban kept shouting to keep attacking it the beast, but I just didn’t get it, so I looked around the room we were it. I guess I should have listened to Ebban, because the Troll started to twitch, and Ebban and Darem skewered it again. Then from over my shoulder, Serena blasts it with another blast of fire, and it was truly dead.

We navigated a hallway while getting shot with acid arrows from some trap, I got hit twice and felt like I was about to go under, but I managed to call upon Mithras to give me the energy to keep fighting. Billa came over and healed me some more, just in time for us to see a large force of undead dwarven warriors come at us. A few of us took shots, and then Billa called upon the power of Yondala, and destroyed most of the warriors. The last one was tough to take down. We all surrounded him, and I managed to get a shot past his defenses, and finished him off.

We searched several more rooms, and didn’t find much. We searched some more, and came upon a small temple, with a ghostly image praying in front of an altar. We decided to back away and search elsewhere.


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