Blackmire Marches

Welcome to the Swamp

Eiger planned a small expedition to explore the mysterious livestock thefts from the farmsteads closest to the Rattlin’ Bog. Izeo, Zeke and Serena joined him with Freya the Tracker hired to…well…track, and Hurmore to protect the Elven Lady.

After a short journey along the Blackmire river the group spotted two Lizardmen dragging a sheep carcass into the Rattlin’ Bog. A truly remarkable shot from Serena’s Longbow impaled one of the Lizardmen from across the river, causing them to drop the sheep and run for cover in the Swamp. Not wanting to risk a morning swim through the dark waters, the group backtracked to the bridge and returned to the spot of the attack. Freya determined that the Lizardmen had returned to collect the sheep carcass and had then moved into the swamp. We set out after them.

Only a few minutes into the Bog, Eiger and Freya fell afoul of a large quicksand pit. Freya was close enough to the edge to extricate herself without too much trouble. Eiger on the other hand started to sink. Eiger struggled to keep his head above water for nearly a minute, all the while his companions looked on in shock, none had brought a rope. Finally Freya tossed him a rope but it was too late, he was already submerged. Serena then directed Hurmore to lend a hand, but in the end, Eiger was forced to pull himself out of the swamp. In an uncharacteristic stroke of luck (rolled a 1 on a d100!), Eiger accidentally impaled a skull with his polearm in trying to get out of the quicksand. Inside the skull was a magic ring!

After this Freya lost the trail of the Lizardmen as they had apparently jumped into the water and swam away. With no other options the group continued on into the Bog to see if any new trails would present themselves. None did.

The group did find the sunken fort and Glisten, Serena’s Familiar, scouted the area and reported that humans now inhabit the fort. We decided to bypass the fort until we could learn more about who, or what, inhabits it.

A little further along the bank and the group was utterly surprised by a lurking crocodile (oh how we missed Garavon’s 30+ average perception score then…) that quickly grabbed Freya and took her under the river for a death roll. All involved tried to save her, including an ill-fated grappling attempt by Eiger and Izeo actually wading out into the river to try and save her.

Eiger made a command decision to return to Blackmire as this expedition was clearly doomed to failure in whatever it attempted to do…


Serena and her trusty man at arms, Humore, as well as her familiar, Glisten, joined an expedition to the Rattlin’ Bog organized by Eiger, a human renowned for his survival and adventuring instincts.
The party started in town and headed towards the bog with the idea of investigating the mysterious disappearances of livestock from the area. We followed the river through rolling fields and by quaint farmhouses until we hit the swamp. Upon our arrival, we immediately saw two lizardmen dragging a sheep into the swamp. One of them had a beautiful ruby hanging from his belt and Serena decided that, since they were already stealing, she should take a shot at them with her longbow and try to dispatch one of them. She managed to hit the one with the ruby attached to his person from 60 yards across the river and of course, they immediately fled. We decided to head back to town and cross the bridge to the other side to investigate the dead sheep and see if Freya could pick up the trail of the lizardmen. On the way to the site we encountered two men fighting over a stolen sheep and Eiger engaged them in a conversation (actually, he engaged an old woman who was taking care of one of them, who had been beaten to a bloody pulp in the argument) and informed her about what the party had seen and the lizardmen with their sheep. This earned the party a hearty meal before continuing the adventure. I don’t know if the stew the old woman prepared was drugged but the next part of the adventure makes yyou wonder!
The party continued on to the site where the lizardmen and sheep were spotted and Freya picked up the trail and off we went in search of the lizardmen (and the beautiful gemstone that was attached to one of them). In our haste, Freya and Eiger ran into quicksand. Freya easily escaped but Eiger did not have such an easy time of it. He struggled to free himself as the rest of the team waited patiently for him to join us. After seeing the problems that Eiger was having, the team discussed using a rope to help free him from the quicksand but everyone had left their ropes (if they even had any) back in town. Freya had a rope that she allowed us to use but Eiger continued to struggle. Serena decided to send Humore forward to help Eiger and he was eventually freed from the sand. (Note to self – BUY A ROPE!)
On with the adventuring we went and we came upon a sunken fort. Glisten indicated that it was inhabited by humans and it appeared to be Verundian. The team decided to head back to town to see if we could learn more about the fort before venturing into it.
We continued on and were attached out of nowhere by a crocodile. It was just a normal, everyday croc but boy did it do some damage. It grabbed Freya, knocking her out, and started dragging her to the water. Valiant attempts were made to save her (no ropes required) but she was eventually lost in the murky depths of the river. A downtrodden and demoralized group of adventurers decided to return to town to regroup and develop a new battleplan.

Welcome to the Swamp

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