Blackmire Marches

Excursion to Goblin Warrens
1st Adventure

After a night of drinking at the Winning Wager, Silvio and some friends decide to invade the goblin warrens the next morning…

Silvio, Rip, Drogosh, Mora, Tobias, Sirhanar head off for the Tin mine, the last known sighting of goblins. We hear the howling of wolves upon the Howling Moor, but never see a pack. We arrive at the abandoned mine without incident.

Goblins attacked us immediately upon lowering down into the mine. Silvio fell down the shaft like a fumblestick, then proceeded to hit poor Mora with an arrow in the back. Despite the friendly fire, Mora cleaved two goblins and Rip & Nighteyes killed one too.

A wounded goblin escaped and Silvio tracked him to a chamber with a ladder & shaft leading down. After searching the rest of the level and finding it empty (after pulling up the ladder), the party descended the ladder with Mora first. She was assaulted by a hoard of javelins but nimbly dodged each. The rest of the party descended and slaughtered the remaining goblins without incident.

A massive group of goblins were encountered in a large cavern. Sirhanar unwisely entered into the cavern and was promptly cut down. Mora followed and dropped a goblin but was outnumbered. Feckless Tobias used an illusion of a cavern collapse to good effect scaring away several goblins. But all was lost as Rip and Tobias were cut down. Silvio and Drogosh were forced to flee, but Mora bravely (or foolishly depending on your outlook) refused to leave. Mora killed several, but finally a morningstar attack from behind felled her.

Sirhanar’s loyal mastiff jumped down the shaft and attempted to charge to his master’s aid (Sirhanar was bleeding out but had managed to stabalize). In the end he too fell …
The Fallen

Welcome to The Blackmire Marches
Fortune and Glory await the bold, and the lucky!

Here is an Adventure Log where you can post all the gory details of your (mis?)adventures. Players who post a recap of a session are entitled to a bonus of 100 XP. Players who do so with at least a modicum of Roleplaying (As a character journal, conversation with the bartender, etc.) in their post are eligible for 1.5 times that amount. It doesn’t have to be a long drawn out story, a few lines of synopsis with the major dangers faced and particularly any details that would affect future play (found adventure sites, explored areas, new monsters, etc.).

It is also advisable that the players update the Regional Wiki Pages Blackmire Marches Regions with pertinent information in the Player Notes: section as well.


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